ONLINE AD MANAGER – Online ad managers have become of great value since the coming of the digital advertising market. They are experts in planning and directing on behalf of their clients which makes them the masterminds needed for the success and growth of online businesses.
National average cost : 40,000 – 100,000 Naira


As businesses have been made to adapt to surviving online the need for a graphic designer has been tripled. Businesses have to create designs for their social media platforms to help them engage with their audience and potential customers. A graphic designer’s job brings life to online usual concept.
National average cost : 4000 Naira Per Design


Even if the world was to shut down because of the global pandemic, we bet the content writers will still be up to report it. It is how important their role to world is. Businesses might be in lockdown right now but what still attracts customers and potential customers to their online sites is how efficient their content writing is; how well they are able to pass across their message to their audience to sell their brand. Content writers will always be on-demand for business owners even long after the pandemic is over.
National average cost : 2000 Naira (400 words)


SEO is a skill that has been able to thrive well in our current world economy. This is because businesses and industries have come to understand that growing of contents in websites attracts more audience. So, if you think SEO is pointless, just think again.
National average cost : 100,000 (Monthly)


The world has forced our educational sector to evolve. Schools may be on lockdown, but that doesn’t stop the learning process. Online lesson teachers are becoming a tight job in our societies today. Professionals with well-equipped teaching skills will make profits during this period.
National average cost : 50,000 Naira


People are trying every day to adapt to the current change we are in and still maintain perfect fitness no matter what. That’s why personal training is quite lucrative. They create an advanced teaching experience for their clients by motivating them to achieve their fitness goal.
National average cost : 60,000 – 100,000 Naira Monthly Package


The lockdown is advancing the digital world by them every second. This is because due to the lockdown, most people are online than offline. So now is the perfect time for app developers to shine. Freelancers who are equipped in this skill are scarce commodities.
National average cost : 250,000 Naira


During this period, delivery services have become one of the most lucrative and high on demand businesses on the spot despite the current state of the economy. Being on self-isolation and still getting what one needs and wants has improved the social distancing system.
National average cost : 1,000 Naira (Per Delivery)


Animation design has always been a thing of skills and experience but in a COVID-19 lockdown, animation design is a job with abundant employment opportunities because they can be self-employed or decide to be employed. Freelancers with these skills are employed by companies in a heartbeat.
National average cost : 100,000 – 250,000 Naira


Web design is all about the creation of websites, and drawing in audiences by ensuring that the websites are user-friendly. When faced with a tight market job which the lockdown has caused, web designers find it less difficult in getting employment in this challenging economy.
National average cost : 50,000 – 500,000 Naira


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