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Affordability plus professionalism is at the forefront of what the Ubuy Nigeria platform offers and  with a budget as low as NGN5000, you can hire any of these services:

Writing Services: Running on a tight schedule for an essay submission? Need a content writer for your blog posts? Whatever reason you need a writing service for, you can always hire a professional writer on Ubuy Nigeria.

Graphic Design: Need a quick graphic design for your Instagram post or digital marketing? Graphic Designers on the platform will love to work with you.

Business Consultation: Get professional help in developing the right plans and marketing needs for your business.

Lesson Tutors: Thinking of acquiring new skills and don’t know how to go about it? Professional tutors on Ubuy are ever willing to teach. Skills ranging from dancing, singing, learning musical instruments. etc.

Cleaning Services: You really don’t need to stress about household cleaning or office cleaning when you can hire professional cleaners on Ubuy Nigeria at very affordable prices.

Household Repairs: For quick fixes in your household repairs ranging from door repairs to emergency plumbing, electrical and wiring repair, floor repair, furniture repair and so on.

Photographers: Book that professional shoot with professional photographers on the platform. Experience clean quality shoots at very affordable prices.

Hair Barbers: There is just this trust bond you have with your regular barber but when you cannot access your regular barber anymore, you can find skilled and affordable barbers near you on Ubuy Nigeria.

Makeup Artists:  Finding a makeup artist who knows the perfect makeup combination for your face can be really stressful. Hire an affordable and professional makeup artist for that special outing.

Satellite Dish Installation Services: Having a bad signal since the heavy rainfall?. Channels are missing and you probably think the heavy wind has a lot to do with it. Maybe you just think the satellite dish isn’t transmitting enough, or maybe there is a problem with the satellite installation. You certainly need a satellite dish installation services provider.



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