The world of graphic designs is almost a saturated space but when you’re creative enough to create a portfolio of distinct works that reek of finesse, you’re definitely on your way to making good money as a graphic designer. This article will show you several opportunities for you to make a good income with your designs.

1. Comic drawing

When you sell creative digital comics online, you might get enough attention to grab a space in this huge market.

Comic drawing

You are also free from the numerous challenges and costs that traditional publishers face selling comics physically.

2. Selling of web icons online

There are millions of active websites online, and brands are in steady competition to stand out from the crowd. Web icons help these brands to display their personality through distinct web icons that can help them show forth their values and objectives.

Selling of web icons

Brands will continue to evolve and emerge thus the demand for custom web illustrations will always increase. Thus, graphic designers can sell icons and illustration packs online and earn good money.

3. Selling of fonts

Fonts play a serious part in branding which tells why companies are very particular about the type of fonts that are used on their website.

Selling of fonts

This is a huge chance for graphic designers to put up their creative fonts for sale.

4. Instagram Highlights Covers

Instagram is unarguably the most visited social media site when it comes to pictures and videos.

Instagram highlight covers

Instagram highlights covers are very trendy, brands use them to make their profiles look polished. As a graphic designer, you can reach out to these brands and make these covers for them and earn good money.

5. Selling poster prints online

The global home decoration market is becoming increasingly popular and lucrative.
As a graphic designer, the burden is no really on you to print and ship the decoration to the customer, to print and ship physical products.

Sell your posters online

You can send the designs in downloadable print formats to the customer who does the printing.

As a graphic designer, you can get real connections that can earn you good money. Log on to, sign up, and get connected.


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