No matter what field you are in, or what freelancing job you do, it is important you have a portfolio, and it’s even more important that your portfolio stands out.

What is a portfolio? A portfolio is simply a collection of creative works designed to prove a person’s abilities to a prospective employer. In other words, your portfolio is used to convince a client that you are the best fit for the project and business. It also shows that you are worth their time, money and effort.

As the popularity of remote employment grows, so will competition, and with that, you need an updated portfolio. You want clients to visit your profile and be able identify and remember you.

Let’s go through 5 helpful tips for creating a killer freelancing portfolio that will work in your favor;

Consider your portfolio to be your brief commercial.

Just like a good commercial, your portfolio should be memorable, educational, and should reflect who you are clearly. Ensure you include information like; your email address, website (if you have one), phone number and social media channels.

Keep in mind that you should only include your finest work. Make sure to highlight your strongest abilities and qualities, you don’t want to make your customers flip through too many irrelevant pages, that can make you lose them. So ensure you compile and showcase your best and most relevant work first.

Create a niche for yourself.

Position yourself as an expert in your industry. Potential clients and customers usually find it easier to trust you when they know that you will be able to meet their unique needs.

For you to develop your niche sucessfully, you have to;

  • Define your niche; For example, if you are a photographer, would you rather become a wedding photographer or a nature photographer? If you are a writer, you can chose between copy writing or content writing. Whatever you chose to specialize in, ensure that is highlighted as the main thing on all your platforms.
  • Section your services; If you offer a range of services, make sure you section them and name them differently based on the particular service. For example, if you are a writer and offer a range of writing services, you can section your services using titles like; creative writing, school research, blog posts, etc.
  • Create your brand; If possible, try to attach your name with a particular topic. When you do that, once people think of that topic, your name will most likely occur to them as well.

Network and Connect.

Although freelancing basically entails working solo, that doesnt mean that you shouldn’t and can’t connect with other freelancer. Connecting with other freelancers (whether in your field or not) or (on social media or in conferences) can increase your likelihod of getting job requests and offers.

Who knows? A simple connection could lead you to your dream job or project.

Update your website and platforms often.

Most customers will want to see how you have managed new projects, how easy it is for you to move with trends. But that doesnt mean you can’t include your really good works from way back on your website.

Here are a few ways your website can stand out from the rest;

  • Hire a professional web designer; some tasks are just better left to the professionals. It may cost you some money but sometimes you need to spend money to make (more) money.
  • Include the names of the big companies you have worked for; if you have worked with a company with a big name in the past, do not be afraid to include the work you did or even the companies logos. This reflects how hardworking and legit you are.
  • Use testimonials; old customers can help you land new jobs, simply ask your satisfied customers and clients to put down a review about working with you and how good your service was, post it on your website and just like that, you are a top rated freelancer.

Creating a good freelancing portfolio can be a challenging task. the best tip for you is to approach is as you would a TV commercial, capture your readers attention in under 30 seconds.

If you want top-tier clients, you must put in the additional effort to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd. And your finest asset is your personality and work ethics. Let that shine through!


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