The internet is like a very busy marketplace. So many things happening at once, everyone is focused on multiple things per minute. You create marketing content and it goes unnoticed and you begin to wonder what exactly it is you are doing wrong. Having sleepless nights on how to draw attention to your brand or business in this ever-busy streets and nothing is working out, no sales, little or no engagements.

It is time to stop for a second and restrategize. You are probably making some of these mistakes in your quest to get heard and convert sales. Stay tuned as Ubuy Nigeria helps you figure out the major 5 mistakes you should avoid in your online marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategy
  1. Having a User First Approach: When we create online marketing contents or campaigns we just go ahead creating what we feel people should love or what we feel the brand is all about, we mostly do not look inward to find out what kind of content we love to see and enjoy. We need to start having a “​me first​” approach as against the “​user first​” we are all used to. You as an individual or as a person get irritated by certain marketing content you see and totally ignore them. You get marketed to daily, so you need to start looking inwardly and ask these questions – What kind of content catches my attention? What kind of content have I come across in the past that actually made me take further steps ( signing up, purchasing, contacting e.t.c)? What kind of contents do I love so much that I shared with everyone around me and even saved in my archive? Getting answers to these questions will help you shape up your overall marketing game plan.
  2. Having an Undefined Audience: Now you are aware of the kind of contents you love to see. It is time to define your target audience. Most of the time, our brands automatically define our audience but you also need to be aware of your audience and channel every content and game plan towards your audience. For example, if you sell baby products, your major audience is pregnant women, mothers or women in general. You can’t go advertising your product on a youth blog having 80% population of younger males age 28 and below. Define your audience and search for where to find them.
  3. Mild or No Call to Action: This is one of the areas people ignore and fail to convert great content and engagement to sales. You put out great content and people admire and move on, they don’t know what other steps to take because nothing persuaded them to take further steps. Your call to action should be something persuasive enough to make them take action NOW. Think of creative ways to persuade so you don’t seem so desperate either.
  4. Ignoring Customer Engagements: Okay, you have created great content and people are interested to know more but guess what? Their questions are left unanswered. No good customer relations, you are just focused on getting your content out there. Why market your product if you can’t take the time to reply to everyone who has concerns and comments on your brand. Take time out to reply to everyone who has questions or concerns and try remarketing to them. This will definitely lead to a higher conversion rate. If you can’t take the time out to attend to everyone then employ someone who can. It will definitely be worth it.
  5. Ignoring Certain Social Media Channels: Some brands have more strength on Instagram so they ignore other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Playing it safe is definitely one of the reasons you are experiencing a low conversion rate. Explore ​all​ online channels if you truly are ready for success in your online marketing. Email marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google pages, YouTube, LinkedIn, website, blogs, Telegram, WhatsApp, Tiktok and others. Build your online presence on all platforms and watch your engagement and conversion rate soar.

It may seem overwhelming to do all these alone, you can always employ a social media manager on to help explore all available channels.

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