“Hey Kayla, HR would like to see you”
“Good day sir, you sent for me”
“Yes Kayla, could you send your Resume to me now? The MD needs it now. There is a new position opened at the head office and he is considering you for it”
“Oh snap! Can you just give like 5 minutes?”

How well do you think Kayla would put her Resume together to be perfect in 5 minutes?

A situation like this can easily be avoided if ones resume is always updated. You are advised not to neglect your resume even if you are very comfortable in your current job.

Here are some key reasons why it will be beneficial for you to always have your resume up to date;

Helps you Keep Track of your Achievements: Your resume is not just a compilation of all the jobs you have done or a list of all your certifications. It is a reminder also of all the greatness you have achieved, where you are now and where you wish to be if you are not there yet and zeal to keep pushing.

Gives you a Confidence Boost: Just as point one has clearly explained, keeping your resume up to date outlines your career accomplishments which in turn helps boost your confidence knowing you are fully grounded in your chosen career part.

Prepares you for the Best or Worst: Just like Kayla, you don’t want to be caught unawares when a great opportunity presents itself. Updating your resume keeps you ready for that promotion, career switch or worse – job lose.

Helps you Sell yourself Properly: Let’s say your resume is your professional progress report sheet. Your resume helps pitch you better to whoever wants to hire you. It sells you as an expert in your field.

(Read How to Sell your Skills Online)

Enables you Pick up Side Gigs Faster: If you are looking to make a few extra cash, your resume comes in handy bidding for side gigs in your career path. An updated resume will let your hirer know how experienced you are making you a better fit for the job.

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