Are you a dog lover? You like walking alongside a cute Dog who is loving to you and fierce to attackers, drags the ladies’ attention, and welcomes you home after a bad day. So how do you know when that dog is sick?

If you truly love dogs, then you will hate it when your dog is sick, but how can you tell? It’s not like dogs walk straight to their owners and say, “erm, hey John, I think I caught something call a veterinary doctor.

Dogs can’t talk, so they show their discomfort through other mediums, like moods or signs. Here are 5 ways to know your dog is sick.

THEY LIE AROUND OR WON’T GET UP: Ever heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie?” well, I can assure you that doesn’t work in this context. Dogs don’t react to pain the way we think they should, most stay isolated away, just lying around keeping to themselves, some develop high respiration rates.

THEY KEEP TO THEMSELVES: When dogs get sick, they tend to keep to themselves, they become inactive and highly anti-social. they no longer want to play, wag their tails, take a walk, they just want to do nothing, and stay all by themselves.

THEY DONT WANT TO EAT: Just like humans, dogs too lose appetites. when dogs get sick, they do not eat. Although a dog can get suspicious when their routine diet is changed, asides from that, if your dog begins to constantly skip meals, I think a trip to the vet is important.

THEIR HAIR LOOKS DULL: Though it may not look like much, just like when a dog wags its tail means the dog is happy, and the tail pointing downwards means sadness, a dog’s fur can also tell that your pet isn’t well. the brightness of the fur matters, if it looks pale, I advise you to visit a vet.

THEY HAVE RUNNY EYES: Dogs have allergies too. Yes! this is no joke. Your dog can have allergies to certain foods, pollen, dust mites, and other environmental factors, perfumes, etc. This could lead to scratching or excessive licking, sometimes diarrhea, and runny eyes.

Although, there are more than 5 ways to know your dog is sick, we will stick to these.

One of the easiest ways to provide the best care for our pets is to have a veterinarian perform a physical exam twice yearly, provide preventative vaccination, and administer anti-parasitics ( flea preventative, heartworm preventative, and intestinal parasite treatment) to deter easily preventable diseases, according to Trimble.

man’s best friend demands a lot of care, so know these signs that your dog is sick, so you can avoid them and give your pets the best life ever!


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