Hiring an engagement photographer is a decision that is influenced by your choice, budget, and sometimes your goals.

Your engagement is very important because it’s a special moment and a big part of your love story. Not hiring a photographer to capture these beautiful moments could just mean missing out on a lot of details, memories, and one of the most crucial parts of your story.

Here are eight reasons why I believe engagement photos are really important and should be taken by a professional.

To capture the moment you get engaged.

Getting engaged is when your relationship shifts from being a dating couple to deciding to get married. It’s such a beautiful and super exciting moment, but the truth is, it’s a moment and won’t last forever. Having a photographer there to take pictures of the moment is a great way to turn these brief moments into memories that would last a lifetime.

It’s a great way to get more comfortable on camera.

Most people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera and your photographer giving you posing ideas may seem great but the thing is, if you aren’t comfortable, it’ll show.

An engagement shoot allows you to develop that comfort prior to your wedding day so you won’t feel pressured because after a session or two with the photographer, you will get better with your angles, and style.

You get to establish a relationship with your photographer.

Wondering why you should have a relationship with your photographer? Not only will you have to work with your photographer for hours on your d-day, but he/she is also going to be witnessing and documenting one of the most important and emotional days of your life, capturing private moments and remarkable details. it is important to get to know yourselves; your preferences, their style, and what expectations you have of them.

An engagement shoot session gives you an opportunity to spend time with your photographer and in turn, get to know him/her and vice versa.

Can help you build trust in your photographer’s ability.

It can be quite scary to hire and pay a wedding photographer without seeing what the photographs look like till after the wedding. Of course, you will look at their samples and portfolio but that isn’t 100% assuring especially when you don’t know what your own pictures will look like.

Having your potential wedding photographer cover your engagement is a nice way to put your mind at ease, especially when you get to see what kind of images they can create for you. It is relaxing and reassuring.

Quality and Consistency.

Not hiring a professional photographer because you believe a friend or just anyone should be able to take a picture enables situations like bad lighting, poor quality photos, and unflattering angles, to mention but a few.

A new perspective.

You might already have a few locations in mind for your engagement, but a professional engagement photographer, on the other hand, could be able to provide new suggestions that will give you a different perspective.

And it’s better if they are familiar with those areas because they will already have their angle, lighting, and background in check.

Your engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Don’t let it pass without giving it the attention it deserves.

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