If you are reading this article you want to know the best apps for animation videos, if you don’t know how to make animation videos or the different types of animation videos, that is okay because the apps are very user-friendly.

According to Marketsplash, the first three apps below are amongst the best apps for making animation videos.


Other apps include:


Animation desk ( Free with in-app purchasing): This is a frame-to-frame based animation app that beginners will acclimate to easily, while advanced users will enjoy the high functionality and plenty of tools. stop-motion apps features can make anything from quick videos to lengthy cartoons. included in this app are so many import/export options (photoshop, layers, pdf sheets, even GIFS.)

This app is available for windows users, mac, and android without any problems, Ipad with an apple pencil is highly recommended to get the best feeling out of this incredible app.

  • Adobe spark (Free with in-app purchasing): With this app, you can create social graphics and short video stories with fun video formats and themes. be it business, educational, and even personal purposes, this app can improve your social media post quality by adding professionalism and options to personalize your videos with animations.
  • Stop-motion studio ( Not free): This is available on IOS, android, windows, and mac. Stop-motion is one of the best stop-motion animations movie-making app available out there.

For owners of multiple devices, you might be interested in the fact that this app can sync with multiple other devices and make video-making an even greater experience. For anyone who would love to try this app, you should pay special consideration to the quality of the camera you use because this app relies on capturing images.

  • Looksee Animator (Free): With this app, you have control over the effects of your animation. You can also add special effects, frames, and even convert a video back into a series of static images which can be reused in other animation.

This app is very popular and can create stop-motion videos and time-lapse videos using pictures from the selfie camera of either phone or tablet.

  • Stickman Draw (Free): This incredible app is so easy to use. If you still want to drive home a killer message to your audience and you don’t feel like using the more serious approaches in your video, this app can help you achieve what you have in mind. Guess what, it’s free!

You can check out these apps for animation videos listed on here, and be rest assured that there are a whole lot of other apps for animation videos you can use, depending on your area of expertise and pocket.

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