If you are looking for a graphic designer? Maybe you are a junior designer looking for a place where you can find the skills every graphic designer should have that can help you increase your pay as a graphic designer.

I have some life hacks for you so you can read this article and thank me later.

Being a freelancer in Nigeria can be very demanding, especially when you are yet to register on a platform that can connect you to customers who need your services.

But the good thing is, you can learn some skills that can make you a catch for almost any company, ( and I say almost because you will have the power to decide where you would like to render your services). So, are you ready?

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Before we go any further, the statistics of how many companies are willing to hire a graphic designer are amazing. This goes a long way to show how valuable your skill is in the business world.

So many companies from different industries find graphic designers every day for jobs and you should not be left out. So what are the skills that you need? That’s exactly what I am about to share.


  • Become a master Photoshop, and Illustrator: The first one very basic, mastery of these tools is what makes you a graphic designer in the first place, right? It’s super important that you master the usage of these tools, learning is one thing, being able to use is another, but mastery is the exact level you want to be at, and ill tell you why. When companies search for a design expert, 79% want an expert in photoshop, 74% illustrator, and 74% want an expert in Indesign. where are you in this category?
  • Grow into UI/UX: It might look like an unlikely destination because hey, you are okay with just designing stuff, especially for market and advert purposes and you get some deals here and there as a brand specialist so you are okay, or maybe, you think that is where it ends in Graphic design.

Averagely graphic designers charge for jobs like flyer design and logo designs, but all this does not compare to the NGN 118,000 you can make as a UI/UX designer in Nigeria. If you are passionate about design, you should design a way to learn this skill and thank me later.

  • Brush up on Powerpoint / Microsoft office packages: You might be saying to yourself I am a graphic designer, why do I need to master PowerPoint, why don’t you see for yourself by clicking on the link. Mastery of Microsoft office packages has its benefits for you as a graphic designer, you might want to sharpen that axe.
  • Get more experience: Experience is a really sort-out skill, especially in a profession like Graphic design. For you to be recognized as a professional graphic designer, you should have experience. That’s why most companies are most likely to hire a graphic designer with at least two to three years of experience. So, you need all the jobs you can get, not because of the money, although you do need the money, find challenging jobs so you can learn from them because that’s the only practical way to grow your experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, you can find more below:

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