Small businesses without an online presence today are missing out a lot.

Giving your business an online presence doesn’t mean creating just a website to promote your products or service. It involves building a virtual version of your business, to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer and a wider range of audiences.

An online presence is defined by the existence and availability of an individual or enterprise on the web.

Example of Online Presence

Want to establish an online presence for your small business? Think of everything you do online to expand the reach of your business.

  • A website
  • A blog
  • Social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Office or store Locations (Google maps), and so on.

The 21st-century consumer wants to do everything independently. From searching the internet for information about products and services to buying and making reservations online, as opposed to the traditional means. As a fact, a business with no online presence is legibly saying “I have no interest in growing”.

Importance of Online Presence

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Why is having an online presence important?

Below are the top benefits of online presence for businesses.

1.  Showcase Your Products and Services to More People

The power of the internet allows people to find your business easily.

For instance, when you have an account on popular social media platforms, it’s an open window to reach more audiences as the majority of consumers spend more time communicating and sharing content on these platforms. For this reason, they discover new products and services daily.

What about the Blogs?

Because people love reading valuable content that gives them information, you can leverage this by using your blog to deliver quality and educational information that will be useful to your readers.

When your blog and website content are optimized to rank for the products and services you offer, your business will appear in search results to millions of people for the services you offer or a suggestion.

To leverage this, you’ll need to have a consistent social media presence and tons of quality content on your blog.

Although it’s not an easy thing to do. But you can always Hire the help you need on

2. Advantage Over Competition

The presence of competition influences the growth of a business in a way.

Research by Statista shows that 33% of consumers in the US and Canada depend on the internet to find local businesses daily, and a survey from Yodle discovered that 52% of small businesses are yet to own websites.

This does not only give you an edge over your competition that’s yet to build an online presence but, an opportunity to win more customers and grow your business.

3. Receive Feedback Easily

With social media being the base of global communication today, users can easily share their stories with friends and followers online.

This makes it easier to receive people’s perceptions of your business, whether good or bad. However, Some businesses try to evade negative reviews, but then, it’s how they feel about using your service or product.

While positive reviews make great testimonials and boost sales, bad reviews do not speak the same about your business.

People may not do business with you if your online reputation is not commendable. But if you aim to improve your consumers’ life with your services or products,  bad reviews can help you do better.

Bottom Line

Your number 1 salesperson is your presence on the internet; web and social media pages. They speak for you when you’re sleeping.

Realizing how powerful the internet is, and how maintaining a consistent presence online can be super profitable to your business. Creating an online presence for your business is a step worth taking.

But then, what if you’re not skilled to do this? That’s why we’re here. You can hire a professional freelance social media manager and a content writer on to manage your online presence for you.

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