The office desk looking clean on the surface may not be hygienic for workers or visitors. However, the working desks, telephones, computers, etc. are the favorite spots for germs;  I guess these should be hidden facts about office hygiene you never knew. That’s why keeping healthy office hygiene is too important.

 That’s why in this article, you’ll uncover the hidden facts about office hygiene and purportedly, best ways to solve them.

Maintaining good office hygiene shouldn’t just be observed in workplaces that deal with food and personal products. However, some organizations have hygiene policies and other measures to promote good hygiene in the workplace. Employees tend to beat this because more attention is given to execute important tasks.

Unpopular Facts About Office Hygiene You Probably never Knew.

1. Your Office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat

I bet you never knew your office desk could be that harmful as a toilet seat. But it looks clean huh? But you have around 10 million bacteria that live on your office desk.

With multiple people working in an office complex, this is possible. The desk is where most office activities kick off, and you can’t count how many times you or your coworkers must have touched your desk. You’re not far from confirming this if you remember that human beings (especially our hands) are the chief carriers of germs.

2. Your hands are the chief Contaminators

Or should I say, the office would’ve been safer if not for your hands?

Every time you touch a thing or two in the office you’re spreading the reach of bacteria. Research shows that about 80% of common bacterial infections are transmitted by touch. And as you must know, human hands can carry up to 10 million bacteria daily. Now, that’s high enough to make us ill.

3. It’s healthy to sanitize your computer keyboard, computer mouse, phone, and other things you touch regularly.

computer on an office desk

You may be knowing this just now, but your computer keyboard and Mouse harbors about 7.5k and 1.5k bacteria because they retain dead skin cells, dust, food crumbs, and so on.

4. 1 Person has 4 hours to Infect 50% of the Employees

One person carrying a virus or infection can infect half the number of employees and equipment in the office in hours. As mentioned earlier, 80% of transmitted infections in the workplace are by contact with contaminated surfaces, say desks, computer keyboards, telephones, printers, etc.

Now you may still be in deep thoughts concerning these facts about office hygiene, and you may be guilty of some. But that’s for that.

In situations like this, there’s always a way out. And here, in the next section, is how you can improve office hygiene.

Ways to Improve Workplace Hygiene

Because good health is the salt to yielding maximum productivity – businesses should create a serene and healthy working environment for workers.

1. Introduce Hygiene policies

hand sanitizer on office desk

Hygiene policies are put in place to state what you expect from your employees, and in turn, how you can help in return. For instance, personal hygiene expectations from the employee, food and security guidelines, etc.

To enforce these workplace hygiene policies, you can start by placing fines for defaulters. Because employees will not want to be fined, they will abide by the rules.

If you need help creating a new or modifying your business’ hygiene policy, this is a helpful resource.

2. Hire a cleaning service

Apart from the regular cleaning done by in-house cleaners. Outsourcing deep cleaning tasks to commercial cleaning services is a must-do to improve workplace hygiene.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office cleaning reduces the risk of your employees contracting illness. These professional cleaners go as deep as using appropriate chemicals to disinfect objects and places in the office which boosts the workplace environment.

So, if not every day, hiring professional cleaning services for routine cleaning makes your workplace healthy and germfree. And you know the impact of clean office space on your employees’ health and productivity.

Have you ever thought of any of these as a risk to employees’ health in the office?

Hire a professional cleaning service from us now to manage and maintain a clean and hygienic office environment.

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