Building a visible identity is becoming more challenging for both businesses and people given that the traditional business platforms are being replaced by digital platforms.

Today’s branding strategies go beyond simple stationery and business cards, rather, a lot more is needed to stand out from the competition. Social media plays a vital role in building brand recognition and on all your various social media platforms, your logo is one element that can always be visible.

However, there are a few fundamental factors that every designer and client ought to consider and comply with when designing a logo.

Study the business; analyze its needs and goals

Whatever logo or concept is being created should clearly reflect the brand’s nature, character, and goals, which is why it’s important to conduct extensive research about the company so you understand its goals and objectives.

Consider creating your logo with black and white first

When creating a logo, consider creating it in black and white first before adding colors

Trying to select the right color palette can be a lot to deal with especially at the beginning stage of the design because there are always going to be endless possibilities when trying to decide on colors for your brand and your logo. That’s why it can be helpful for you to first design the logo in black and white before switching it to colors.

Ensure your logo is scalable

When creating a logo, you ought to make sure it can fit into various sizes correctly. For example, your logo is required to be added to marketing materials such as posters, business cards, and even billboards and has to be visible and readable in all these sizes and more that’s why the scalability of your logo is super important.

Aim for simplicity

The rule of “Less is more” should be applied when creating a logo. And don’t get confused, having a unique logo does not mean having a complex logo. In fact, complexity should be avoided as much as possible. Tidy up your thoughts; only incorporate or take out elements that make your designs simpler. When you are unsure, take out the extra elements. Your choice of color palette, shapes, font styles, and symbols should be minimal so they don’t take away from the message or make it too much to comprehend.

Your logo should have a central idea

A logo ought to be able to convey the message, principles, and goals that a given company upholds because a logo is only as powerful as the message it conveys. A core idea with a clear message should be used to create a logo that is distinctive and memorable. Note, this does not mean that you have to literally show what your business does or is about in the logo. For example, you don’t have to use a car in your logo just because you sell cars.

Carry out some research on your competitors

The work of similar companies and maybe designers can serve as a source of inspiration to you. While it’s okay to learn and emulate some successful works, it is not okay to copy them directly. Copying their work isn’t going to make you stand out or be unique.

Break some rules

Logos can actually be anything you want them to be as long as it ties to your brand’s objectives and personality. Your logos don’t have to be rigid or static. They can change and adapt. So feel free to break a few rules here and there when designing your next logo.

It takes time to develop effective branding for your company. The above-mentioned considerations are crucial when designing a logo that not only strengthens your brand’s visual identity but also helps you run a profitable company.

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