Getting return customers requires a lot more than simply asking them to “Come Again”. As a business owner; large or small, you need to find ways to establish customer loyalty which is really what getting your customers to come back is all about.

As a business owner, you need to find a way to balance attracting new customers without neglecting current customers and relationships. This is the easiest way to grow your business and increase your profits.

Below, you’ll find nine ways to keep customers coming back to purchase more from your business. Take a look.

Learn to appreciate your clients

 A customer who is appreciated often will most likely use your services and/or recommend them to friends and family compared to one who isn’t. And showing gratitude to them is a super simple way to keep them happy and coming back. However, it is far too often disregarded or overlooked.

Saying thank you after a job is quite nice, but imagine how valued they would feel if you do something personal to show how much you appreciate them. Like giving them a coupon, discount, or appreciating them on special days like birthdays.

Your clients are the reason why your business is still up and running so you shouldn’t get tired of appreciating them and showing how grateful you are to them.

Respond to customers quickly

It is more evident these days than ever that people really don’t like waiting. If customers have to wait long hours or even days to get a response from you, chances are that the next time they want to do business; they will go for someone who responds quicker.

This can be solved pretty quickly though. You can set up an automated responder to buy you some more time to get to the message or outsource/hire a virtual customer care personnel to handle that aspect of your business.

Personalize your service

Calling your customers by their name s a great way to build loyalty, a person feels important and validated when their name is used, which are powerful emotions you want your customer to experience during any interaction. If a customer feels like you know him/her, even if it’s just a little bit, they are less likely going to patronize your competitors.

Go the extra mile for them

This is a small but very effective step that doesn’t have to cost so much. We spoke about giving them discounts earlier or you can give them a little extra service than the one you were hired for. This will definitely make them feel appreciated and would not only make them want to hire you for other projects but also get you some referrals.

Listen to your customers

Listen to the needs of your customer, ask them for feedback and actually listen when they are giving you one; whether it’s positive or negative. This will not keep your customers coming back, but will also help you know how to grow and make your business better.

Give them multiple payment options

This may seem small and insignificant, but trust me, can make all the difference because by doing this, you are offering your customers a sense of convenience by meeting each customer at their preferred method of payment.

Be sure to monitor your KPIs to determine the effectiveness of these programs and practices as you implement them. Make sure you are aware of the programs that are helping to increase your retention rates. By doing this, you can focus more resources on what’s effective.

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