A lot of us experienced gbas gbos in our finances in 2022! I am one of them and so are you, right? From the dollar increase to inflation, price hikes due to flooding, fuel scarcity, the Japa pandemic, and a whole lot of others, making money with just one source of income has been a struggle. What if I told you that there was a way to access freelance jobs and still splurge and enjoy your detty December vibes without going broke, the best part is that you do not have to leave your home for the most part. Would that interest you? Keep on reading then …….

  1. Selling your skillset or services on social media: They say the internet is a global village and social media seems to be one of its largest clans. All you need to do is study the popular social media platforms and see where individuals who are in your field market their skills or services and then you create an account and start building an audience slowly by being authentic.
  1. Use adverts: You guessed wrong darlings! I wasn’t referring to print media or tv commercials! That would definitely cost a hand and a leg!  I am referring to paid adverts on social media as well as Google ads! With as low as 3,000 naira you can run adverts and reach thousands of individuals who are in need of your skill or service and get online jobs in no time. I have given you a clean format, thank me later!
  1. Listing your skills and services on Ubuy services: Plugging you into the best ways to access online jobs from home is the sole purpose of this post. Ubuy services is an online services platform and a top job site that serves as a middleman for freelancers and artisans and their intending clients. You get to access over 5000+ customers around the country just by signing up on the Ubuy services platform and the best part is that it is free! So you can list several skills and services and once a customer posts a task, you get to bid for it and make some cool cash.

Stop sweating! Your end-of-the-year chilling is still happening! Just hop on the bandwagon, visit www.ubuyng or better still download the Ubuy professional App on the Google play store and IOS store and get started on living your luxurious December lifestyle today. 


  1. You’re marketing your platform to us in various ways but their are no active buyers on the platform. Infact, always a static stuff everytime since I joined.

    • Hello Ridwan. We apologize for your experience. However, we are a services-providing platform so we do not have any buyers or products. If you have a skill or service you would like to provide, head on to your app store and download the Ubuy professionals app, and get started. If you would like to try out the services we have available, kindly visit http://www.ubuy.ng.

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