Fellow work from home pals, artisans,  online job peeps and even our beloved 9-5 folks can relate to this. I am one of those people that can be knackered and never wants  to do anything ,but once our beloved electricity distribution company gives electricity all my energy is usually restored. I am definitely more motivated to do the work I had planned but once there is no electricity or the environment is not just well lit or overly lit I find myself getting distracted . It is safe to say that light generally is a strong motivating factor to getting work done.

Working in a dark, overly lit or poorly lit workspace can definitely hamper or mess with your workflow. It is important that your workspace gives you a semblance of comfort as it helps your creativity. Lighting is very key to improve work efficiency and productivity. However, as great as good lighting is, when it is not balanced and an office is overly lit, it also affects your productivity . 

Let’s talk about the good sides to having adequate lighting first off and leave the doomsday message for later .

  1. Aesthetics and great ambience: In this age and time when the aesthetics of a place are very key in triggering the right channel of ideas for work flow, having good lighting in a workspace definitely makes the room more aesthetically pleasing and the ambience would be rather relaxing and this encourages workflow .
  1. Necessity for Good Health : This cannot be overemphasized, there’s a popular saying that health is wealth. Employers , freelancers and even artisans  need to ensure that the workspace has good lighting as it helps prevent vision impairment , body strains and so many other health challenges that could arise from being in a poorly lit room or an overly lit room.
  1. Good background for content creation: Dear content creator, it is not enough to have a good camera,you definitely need good lighting to spice up your product shoot, photo shoot or even your AD commercial. Good lighting makes the difference and allows your content to stand out .

Studies have shown that individuals who carry out work in a properly lit environment had better sleep quality, more physical activity and better quality of life. Compared to colleagues without generally great lighting.

It is safe to say that the importance of good lighting in a workspace is very defining. If you are trying to set up your new office space, or you want to switch things up and have better ambience, good background and just generally a healthy workspace. You can visit the Ubuy Services website, the largest services platform in Nigeria at  www.ubuy.ng and gain access to skillful interior decorators as well as lighting experts that can help give you the right feel for that workspace. Run along now and sign up so that your dream workspace can come to life .

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