Growing up, I was so excited at the thought of becoming an adult just because I wanted to wear a fancy suit as my mum did, cute stiletto heels, and leave the house every day to a large office where everyone called me madam and I would send emails and attend meetings and come back home in the evening feeling fulfilled and sending my kids to run mini errands for me. Alas! I did grow up, I did move to the megacity of Lagos and I got a job that required a fancy suit and cute shoes but absolutely no one warned me about how early I would have to wake up, the incessant traffic, and how tired I would be all the time from being stuck in traffic for hours and having only 4 hours of sleep. I almost wished to be eleven or twelve again, so I could take a long break.

The big break finally came with the world evolving due to the pandemic and most organizations realized that their staff could work from home and that they could outsource jobs to freelancers and offer online jobs from home. This would help save running costs and reduce the monthly salaries as freelancers do not have to be on payroll unless there is a task at hand. Post-pandemic, freelancing has become the order of the day and more people are improving their skills in order to fit into the trajectory of freelancing and all its unique perks.

If you’re considering entering into the world of freelancing, as a side hustle, a part-time job, or a full-time job or even starting a freelance business, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things that could convince you to walk this path:

  1. Flexibility: The beauty of freelancing is that you are in control of your work hours and you determine when you would like to work. You also have the advantage of working from any location you please as a freelancer. However, there are some freelancing jobs that require you to be near your clients but you can still get new clients wherever you move to.
  1. Freedom: Another advantage of being a freelancer is the freedom that it provides for you to be your own boss and determine what projects you want to work on. You are essentially running your own business and as such, you can choose clients that you want to work with. You can take that vacation in the middle of the year now because you are in full control.
  1. Efficiency: Your efficiency levels improve as a freelancer as you choose the work environment that you best thrive in down to the aesthetics of your workspace and your preferred tools to work with.
  1. Earnings control: The best part about freelancing! You get to set your own rates as you do not have to ask your boss for a raise, especially when inflation hits, all you have to do is increase your rates and ensure you give your clients value for their money.
  1. Improved knowledge and skill set: Freelancing means you take on various projects from multiple clients. Each project brings something new to the table and provides an opportunity to expand your skill set. You’ll likely find yourself learning new things as you go. You may feel more stagnant in a traditional full-time job that may not always involve continual learning and development. Freelancing provides many more opportunities for growth as you tackle a wider variety of project types.

How do you start freelancing?

There are so many ways to get started. It is okay to want to ease in slowly and start doing it on the side alongside your traditional full-time job or you can take the giant leap and go into it full-time..

Getting started and established generally requires creating a portfolio or a  personal website where you describe your services and skills and setting up social media accounts so you can connect with businesses and clients. Setting up an account on Ubuy Services is also an excellent way to boost your profile and attract a lot of clients.

Join the freelancing community and you will be glad you did.

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