The wedding day is the one day most ladies wish should go perfectly, some go beyond wishing and actually do all that is humanly possible to make sure that it is perfect.

This article contains the 5 things you should not so you will not make your wedding horrible, so try to avoid these things at all costs.

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This is a very hard task, majorly because of the above-highlighted reason_ humanly possible_ that is enough to give room for errors, apparently, we have these 5 things without even noticing it makes the wedding horrible for the main celebrant.

According to the, the indoctrination for women begins early: first with Disney movies_ pre-woke princesses era of Elsa and Moana_ then romantic comedies watched at sleepovers with a dozen other swooning teenage girls.

As women approach peak bridal age, targeted Facebook ads step in with the same message: At your wedding, you should be the happiest you have ever been.

Now the question is, why do ladies still feel the wedding isn’t perfect enough_ that undeniable voice that always says, “it could have been better?” (though no one will ever agree to this out loud).

Firstly, we should not forget the stress that accompanies the logistics of a wedding party. Event planners have a hard time themselves, but since most planning of the wedding is done by the bride herself, it tends to become more tedious.

From coordinating the caterer to deliberating with the photographer, or deciding the priest, even choosing who will be part of the bridal train.

All this is accompanied by her trying to steady her make-up with a smile because hey! it’s good news that someone is getting married, right?

The average wedding in Nigeria costs from 500 thousand Naira to 3 million Naira. If that blew your mind as it did mine, wait till I tell you about the pressure from wedding blogs that even make people rise up their initial budget so their wedding can be a talk in town.

Let’s not forget the honeymoon, but who are you kidding, she has already gone through all that wedding stress, so the groom’s wallet can plan the honeymoon_ in case you forgot, she still has a say in that too, or else…

I was able to come up with a list of 5 things that can make your wedding day horrible. From bottom to top, let’s take a look at the list.

5) A boring Dj: ladies don’t like boring music, and as such, would not like to give the public the impression that she appreciates boring music.

4) Bad catering services: They want to make sure the food is sufficient for all the guests. it makes her feel proud, not just a good wife, but a better mother to be, so please, make sure her food is enough. And make sure nothing happens to her cake, she could kill you, or worse still, cry.

3) Bad make-up artiste: most make-up artists are not even lucky enough to stay away from the bride on the eve of the wedding, they don’t want to take the chances of you running late. However, ladies assess you too much before they even hire you to avoid this particular mistake.

2) Something happening to the wedding pictures: just don’t.

1) Something happening to the dress: This ruins her day, it will take heaven to pull her back together, even while she walks through the aisle, or when she dances, there is a silent prayer, “let nothing happen to my dress.”

The wedding day is just one day, she only gets to do this once. so, even if there are two people becoming one on that day, the day legitimately belongs to one person, so please don’t ruin it for her.


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