With the number of freelancers increasing from 53 million in 2014 to 59 million in 2020 in the United States alone, it’s no doubt that freelancers will dominate the workforce in years to come. The growth in the popularity of freelancing is not only popular in the US. But also in Nigeria and other parts of the World. However, whether you’re an expert or an amateur that wants to start freelancing in Nigeria, covered in this article is some advice for beginner freelancers in Nigeria like you. Read on.

Freelancing in Nigeria, like other countries, is a fast-growing industry and, there’s no doubt it will override corporate roles in the nearest future.

What is Freelancing?

In its simplest form; freelancing is working as an independent or self-employed person. You are not tied to a single organization and can juggle multiple clients that need your services. Freelancing is the opposite of working as a full-time employee.

People who freelance are called freelancers. Freelancers are paid on an hourly or per-project basis and not placed on a regular salary as it is with working as an employee. To understand the term better, consider freelancing to be the direct opposite of working full-time; the benefit of one is a demerit of the other.

The freelancing market accommodates varieties of skills and professionals such as writers, web developers, graphic designers, translators, and a range of others. And is a fine place to start with whether or not you’re an expert or a newbie.

Advice for Beginner Freelancers in Nigeria

Perhaps, you have started freelancing sometime ago but want to be sure you’re on track. This section of the article covers tips that will guide your freelancing journey and keep your heads up no matter what. Read on.

1. Don’t be a Jack of All Trades

It’s a common mistake by newbie freelancers to dive in headfirst to bid and accept all kinds of jobs on freelancing sites that pertain to their industry. It’s cool to try many things out but, it’s always better to niche down.

A niche is a sub-category of a larger market. Say you’re a Photographer. You can choose to be a landscape, portrait, or event photographer rather than jumping on all of it.

The good thing is, you will get more jobs as a niche expert than being a generalist. Using photography again. Let’s say you want to hire an event photographer; would you go for a generalist freelancer with mixed samples or a freelancer with a specialized portfolio sample of event photographs?

That simple. So, when choosing a niche, make sure it aligns with your interest, passions, and skills. Consider this the first step to standing out in your freelancing career.

2. Understand Your Target Market

Simply put, find out who your ideal clients are.

Before you start freelancing, you’ve got to have an idea of who your potential clients are. Are they small businesses, individuals, corporate firms? Or are you aiming for clients in a particular area? Knowing all these will help you draft your profile, plan your pricing structure, and implement your strategy.

However, selecting your prospects has to do with your values. Of course, you can’t get along with clients that take a longer time to respond to messages if you’re some who values time.

Build Your Portfolio

As a freelancer, your portfolio is like your CV. It is your best ticket to attracting a client to choose you for a gig out of the dozens of submitted bids.

A freelancing portfolio is a proof that showcases your skills and experiences in your field. It can be a document, a website, or a short video. The best deal here is to define what sets you aside from others (USP), and your prospects show how well your skills can help solve their problems.

In addition, include previous projects or sample works, reviews, and testimonials from clients, and keep updating your portfolio frequently.

How to Start Freelancing

How can I start freelancing in Nigeria? You may ask.

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Freelancing offers you the freedom to work independently and an opportunity to earn more by offering your services.

Regardless, it’s not assured that you’ll get off the ground immediately when you’re just starting out. Having a successful freelancing career takes time; just like the growth process, you’ll have to crawl before you walk.

We hope you’ll consider these tips as you begin your freelancing journey.



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