Make-up seems all too complicated these days. It’s almost as if no one does the simple, ‘basic’ makeup looks anymore. Now, it’s all about how to do epic winged eyeliner, cut crease and halo eyes. But less is still more and on days when you feel like doing less? Keep reading because this guide is for you.

If you have a bag full of makeup or if you don’t, no worries, applying everyday basic makeup doesn’t require so many products.

Here are some products you will need to achieve a simple yet beautiful makeup look;

A moisturizer; I know we are talking about makeup, but don’t forget that your skin is the plain canvas; your skin should be well prepped and moisturized before any makeup product is applied. A moisturizer serves as the perfect base for your makeup, helps to hydrate your skin, and makes it look bright. It could even make your makeup last longer and make your foundation less cakey.

A primer; although a primer doesn’t necessarily have to be worn every day or every time you are applying makeup, it really helps to create a barrier between your skin and the foundation so that even on hot or busy days, your makeup stays in place longer. Primers also help decrease sweating.

A foundation; typically, foundations are known to even out your skin tone, mask imperfections and give your skin the desired finish. But foundations are not just for the purpose of masking, they contain moisturizing properties and sunscreen to protect your skin while wearing makeup. So you get to get to look flawless while nourishing your skin. Awesome.

A concealer; a concealer is quite similar to a foundation, except that it’s generally thicker and provides some more coverage than a foundation typically would. But always remember less is more, a small amount of concealer definitely will go a long way.

A bronzer/blush; when applied correctly, a bronzer/blush is a great product to have. It contours your face in such a natural way, giving your face some structure. It also adds a certain glow to your skin.

An Eyeshadow; eye shadows are used to enhance the eyes. Different shades and techniques of application of an eye shadow will have different effects on the eyes. But for a simple look, a natural color or a color quite similar to your skin tone is recommended.

An Eyeliner; eyeliners can be used below, above, and on the water lines of your eyes. It draws attention to your eyes and sometimes enhances them. Eyeliners can also change the shape of your eyes; making them appear smaller or larger sometimes depending on the technique used.

A mascara; mascaras have a variety of purposes and use; they lengthen, curl, darken, thicken and volumize the lashes. Applying mascara goes a long way in accentuating the appearance of your eyes and eye makeup.

A lipliner; a lip liner may not seem necessary but using one helps to contour your lips, make them more defined, and helps your lipstick/lip gloss last longer. Lip liners also brighten your lips and possibly prevent smudging.

A lip gloss/lipstick; lip glosses and lipsticks come in a wide range of colors, from colors you can wear to work to colors you can wear on a night out. Most lipsticks and lip glosses contain ingredients to help hydrate, moisturize and protect your lips.

A setting spray; after all that work to look pretty, you will want your makeup to last long enough, right? That’s where a setting spray comes in. It can be sprayed directly or on a sponge and dabbed carefully into the skin to prevent fading and smudging. It also increases the life span of your makeup.

Just remember that makeup isn’t what makes you beautiful. All it does is enhance your beauty and you don’t need a bunch of products on your face to feel beautiful. You can keep it simple and still look stunning.

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