Being a Ubuy professional is tough. It’s not easy rendering service to customers who need them daily. Here are 6 skills you need to be a better freelancer according to

Create a business plan:

Freelancing is in many ways identical to running a small business. When you create a business plan for your freelancing career you can better outline your goals and how you plan to meet them. Remember to set realizable goals!

Grow Your Online Presence

In addition to working off of freelancing platforms, grow your online presence by social media presence. we do recommend our professionals send us videos, telling us about what they do, this goes a long way to help build their profiles to help them market their services.

Ask for Reviews

When a client is happy with your work, politely ask if they would care to leave you a review. Most clients will be happy to leave a review when prompted in this manner. This helps to build your portfolio, and also make other customers hire you.

Grow Your Soft Skills

Skills such as communication and understanding clients’ needs can be every bit as important as the skills specific to your trade. This is very helpful during the bidding process because it helps you know what to say to make the customer hire you.

Showcase the Work You Want

If you enjoy doing a particular type of project, showcase it on your portfolio. Clients needing that type of project done will then be more likely to hire you. Update daily, pictures, writings, etc.

Create a Budget

Freelancing income is often anything but steady. Therefore, it helps to create a budget and stick to it. Make sure your service charge is not way above the market level, as this tends to drive customers away from your profile.

As well, try to keep some savings you can fall back on if the work dries up.

Now you know how to become a better freelancer, so go out there and crush those tasks! Are you interested in becoming a Ubuy PRO, sign up HERE now, and start selling your services!


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