When I tell you the benefits of planting flowers, I have a strong feeling you will find a florist nearby for you to get started with planting yours right now.

It’s actually sad that you think that the only thing flowers do in the house is to beautify the surrounding. What about gifts? oh, that’s right, we don’t really give flowers as gifts in this part of the world.

Maybe, that’s why florists in Nigeria make less than their colleagues in other parts of the world. Florists in Nigeria’s service industries make an average gross monthly salary of NGN 65,236 – 126,675 with a ranking on the 699th position of most searched jobs.

find florists nearby
Find florists nearby

It shows how rarely sort out this skill is in this part of the world. However, there are some benefits of having flowers around your house, and that’s what I plan to share with you in this article.

Benefits of flowers around the house.

  1. Flowers filter the air in the room and can improve the smell. Flowers such as roses can also help improve people’s mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Plants also promote healing. Yes, they actually do. As living organisms plants are constantly pulling toxins out of the air and creating humidity as plants process water.
  3. I know you love cooling off, who doesn’t? The sun’s energy can heat up your home, and this, in turn, will leave you running for air conditioners, or other cooling devices. But with a tree or a good garden with lots of plants to keep you adequately breezed and heat-free, you are safe.

Aside from these benefits mentioned above, I also want to do you another great favor. Yes, ill give you a list of plants you can have in your Nigerian garden.

Plants you can have in your Nigerian garden

  • Bitterleaf: This is a famous vegetable used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. I assure you it is a delight to have around, I can taste-tify. It grows in the full light of the sun, and with well-draining soil.
  • Scent leaf: This native plant has sweet-smelling leaves making it a welcome addition to any Nigerian garden. The scent leaf, or the African blue basil, is often added to stews, yam dishes, and pepper soup.
  • Fluted pumpkin(ugwu): This plant is awesome to add to your garden bed. Although the fruit is not as edible as the leaves, this plant is a very popular soup green and has a very high rate of protein.

P.s: Don’t eat the fruit!

The last is the waterleaf, this plant also has loads of health benefits, and it is very easy to grow. A florist nearby that you can trust can help you make sure you are doing the right thing, that is if you are still new to gardening, but these plants are easy to grow and should not be of any trouble to you.

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