Choosing the perfect wedding dress can come off as a really daunting task for most brides. This is a day she literally wants to look and feel perfect. So here are a few tips that can guide you in picking the perfect wedding dress.

Petite Body Frame

If you are a petite girl, you may have been struggling to find clothing that fits for the most part of your life.  You have the choices of a few (not enough) petite fashion designers, and you could get by with certain styles of regular sizes (although you may have to take a lot of them to the tailors).  Given how difficult it is for petite women to find a dress that fits most times, it is no shocker that it will be difficult for them to find the perfect wedding dress.

Every lady has dreamed of the fairytale wedding dress she could understand herself. This is the elegant puffy ball gown. Well, a petite bride, you can not have this particular dream come to pass but be sure there are more lovely alternatives for you. The best styles for a petite bride include;


This style flatters many different body shapes and it works perfectly for petite brides who still want to attract the drama that comes with the ball gown. Mermaid/Trumpet style emphasizes your bust and hips so this helps in showing off your feminine curves. They also help your legs appear longer and they do not overwhelm your petite figure.

Trumpet Wedding Dress


A-line wedding dresses are perfect for petite brides. It hugs the hips and accentuates the waistline of the bride. This style of wedding dress is suitable for every form of a wedding ceremony.

A Line wedding Dress


Sheath wedding dress helps flatter a petite bride’s figure. It gives the bride that long and lean silhouette needed by short brides. The sheath style is suitable for brides who love simple minimalist design. Many brides love sheath dresses made from chiffon material because the drape of fabric really accentuate their figures and appear remarkable as they walk down the aisle.

Sheath Wedding Dress 1


Empire Waist is a high waistline that cuts horizontally across the body, just below the bust. This waistline gives a long, slender look and excellent fabric drape in the skirt and allows for short, inconspicuous shaping darts. Empire style wedding gown is defined by the raised waistline which sits just below the bust from which the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. Skimming over the hips and tummy area, this silhouette is perfect for any short brides and especially flattering for pear-shaped brides.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress


Short dresses never disappoint petite brides. They show off the bare legs and make them appear taller. It is a break from the norm and it makes the bride feel unique and really special on her wedding day.

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