With the recent trend of Detty December Checklist, Nigerians have been going crazy on how to check off their list without breaking the bank. Good News! Ubuy Nigeria brings you the perfect tips on how to spend for Christmas and your Detty December on a friendly budget.


Before you begin your detty December and Christmas spending, check your savings for how much you are willing to spare without bleeding your account and then make a checklist including cost applicable to each. If your checklist is above your expense, this brings us to


You’ve got to prioritize. Arranging your list in an order of importance has been proven to be a great cash saver. Now you can tell which items and projects can do without instead of undertaking the least first and then looking for money to do a necessity later.


You know all those coupons, gift cards and vouchers you’ve been gathering throughout the year, yeah…it’s time to put them to good use. Find stores and supermarkets you can use them and get your groceries, clothes and other needs free or at a pretty discounted rate.


Online stores aren’t a bad idea during the festive periods as they always on sales and offering massive discounts especially stores trying to clear out for the year. You’d be amazed at the amount of quality stuff you can get cheap when an online store is offering sales.

If you are planning on travelling for the holiday, it is always advised that you get your ticket before the second week in December. This is because, during the holiday season, transport fare of every kind skyrockets be it a plane, a ship, a bus or train. Well, if you couldn’t get around to booking a ticket before time, not to worry, there are a lot of online travel sites that show discounted travel tickets get on one and find a cheap ticket to your destination. Another way o save money on travel tickets is by redeeming you travel mile points. Most airlines give you the opportunity of earning mile points when you travel with them.


If you are looking for the best places to chill with family and friends during this period, then Mother Nature is your best choice. And guess what?…it is totally affordable! We’ve got amazing spots in Nigeria – Gardens, Beaches, Parks, Zoos, Water parks, Mountains, etc. Read Places to Chill This Christmas in Nigeria on a Low Budget. Just pick one that best suits you and have a December to Remember.


Your apartment doesn’t have to look like the famous Zenith Bank road in Lagos during Christmas. Sometimes, the simpler the better. There are lots of DIY projects you can carry out in decorating your apartment this Christmas. Read Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas. Time to get the crafty you on!

Lastly, always remember that Christmas is about spreading the cheer, instead of buying only, how about you try giving also.

Merry Christmas!


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