How often do you clean your house? arent you bothered about that rug? Do you even know how to keep your rug clean? This article will help you with the necessary things you need to know.

To keep your rugs looking fresh, clean and in top appearance, there are certain things you need to take note of, some of them are things you already know but not practicing yet. This article is another friendly reminder.

Things to take note of about rugs.

Spillages: Spillages on rugs are one of the first things you need to address.

They need to be dealt with abruptly. Rugs can bring out the beauty of a room, but they are also guilty of attracting dust and dirt.

Adding spillages to that mix is just wrong. You need to be extra careful, except of course you want the smell that comes from a dampened rug.

Rugs contain germs: Your pretty rug contains some germs and bacteria that you don’t know about.

Rug fibers can be home to millions of microorganisms, which is why it isn’t advisable for you to pick stuff from your rug and putting them into your mouth. However, we endorse regular rug cleaning, and these are some ways on how to keep your rug clean.

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How to keep your rug clean.

Vacuuming helps:

Make sure you vacuum your rugs at least once a week. This will prevent dirt from being hidden into the fabric, which is most times harder to remove.

Before switching on your vacuum cleaner, make sure to give the rug a shake, this will dislodge any loose grit or dirt that is trapped within the fibers.

Attend to spillages immediately:

Soak your rug up as soon as you notice a liquid is spilled on it. Quickly make sure it doesn’t get into the yarns of the rug.

Once you have cleaned up the spillage, you are advised to leave the rug to dry completely before placing back on the floor. 

The best way to clean spillages is by dampening a white, cotton cloth precisely, blot the affected area, be careful not to rub, as this can further damage the rug’s surface.

More information on how to tackle spillages HERE

Your rug vs your pets:

If you have pets, your rugs will be punished by some undeserving chews and bites.

You can reduce the damage your pets will because they will inflict damages by, choosing one that is suitable for dogs, if you have one or cats.

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