Our deepest sympathy goes out to all who have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria and across the world. These are truly unprecedented times in terms of the impact this pandemic has had on our way of life.

Here at UbuyNG, we are committed to help prevent the spread of the virus, while also supporting our customers, professionals, staff and communities. We understand that many have been affected, therefore, we have decided to set up programs to help this period.

Steps Designed To Help Fight Coronavirus This Period

  1. Recovery Help: We have pooled together a group of diverse professionals who are able and capable to provide freelance tasks either remotely like graphic and web designers, or on-site errands such as delivery services.
  2. Concierge Services: For residents of Lagos and Abuja where the government has imposed a total lockdown to curb the spread, we have put in a top priority measure to meet on-site tasks particularly in special needs cases. Please, email us at help@ubuy.ng and we will contact you immediately to meet that need.
  3. Waiver-Free Services: UbuyNG is already free for both consumers and professionals to sign up, as we only charge a small commission for confirmed tasks. However, throughout next week, we will be completely waiving all service fees for professionals in Nigeria who have been impacted by the coronavirus to provide even faster and smoother connections for you.

We have and will continue to put the health, safety and security of people first. We understand that the situation (nationally and globally) is swiftly changing, so we are constantly monitoring them. We will continue to take guidance from the government and health officials, as we adapt our services as needed. We will make it through this pandemic much stronger, ready to meet your needs.

Stop Spreading Coronavirus

Stay Safe


About Jeremiah Ajilore Jeremiah is the founder & CEO of UbuyNG, which he's been inspired since 2017 and working on since 2018. Always trying to impress his community, he's used UbuyNG to remodel his home office desk, home improvement and freelance task around him.


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