Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating, sometimes it bites hard like worms in the belly of a hungry man especially during this COVID 19 pandemic period where the world’s economy is witnessing a downturn.

Businesses in the world are under severe pressure, including yours but we will survive these hard times and I will be sharing some important tips on how to stay afloat.

1. Keep pushing

As an entrepreneur, you have no choice but to work hard on the double and give your business the double energy it deserves.

Keep pushing hard

Allow your entrepreneurial spirit drive and push you hard even in the face of a business decline, never back down or give up. You have no choice but to push forward.

2. Communicate

Be a leader who is open and honest with people including your employees, clients, and shareholders.


As a leader, you should be able to inspire confidence, keep your channels of communication open, and always use social media to keep your audience informed.

3. Keep the passion alive

Entrepreneurship is all about passion, it fuels us with the courage to dare to reach great heights. Keep your passion alive! Be very creative with your imaginations and projections about your business. Your passion will in due time help you realize all of the plans you have for your business.

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