As a freelancer, you have the advantage of harnessing the myriad of opportunities that the COVID 19 pandemic has created.

Let’s take a look at three major opportunities the COVID 19 pandemic has presented to freelancers.

1. Increase in companies hiring freelancers

Due to the financial crunch that rode on the wings of COVID 19, millions of workers around the globe are getting laid off.

Increase in companies hiring freelancers

As a freelancer armed with a good profile, nice portfolio, and worthy testimonials, you stand a good chance of getting hired.

2. Remote workers are on high demand

The COVID 19 pandemic has made it necessary for physical distancing to prevent and reduce the spread of the pandemic thus, working from home has become a necessary alternative for companies.

Remote workers are on high demand

This is a huge opportunity for freelancers to handle several freelancing tasks from the comfort of their homes and get good money.

3.  The need for unconventional thinkers

As a freelancer, it’s only natural that you think out of the box.

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenge that companies, organizations, and industries seek solutions for.

The need for unconventional thinkers

This is an opportunity for freelancers especially the consultants to proffer unique solutions.

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