The cryptocurrency train is in town, some of us are on board, some of us want to come on board but are skeptical while the remaining others are indifferent about it.
This article will focus on the facts you must know as a cryptocurrency investor or a prospective one.

1. Expect anything

This is perhaps the first advice I’ll give to any crypto investor. Like any other market, the crypto market is unpredictable, thus you should expect upward and downward swings in prices.

Expect anything

Prepare your mind for unfavorable investment performances, so that when the price drops, you don’t become too emotional about it and act irrationally.

2. Research Extensively

As a crypto investor, perform a thorough research about the cryptocurrencies you’re investing in or the ones you’ve chosen to invest in to be armed with the right knowledge to make proper decisions, choices, and not to be caught unawares.

Research extensively

This is the digital age where access to all kinds of information is endless.

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To be on the safe side in this volatile world of cryptocurrency investment: don’t invest in one cryptocurrency, branch into other currencies to have a healthy cryptocurrency portfolio.


In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

4. Be careful with your mobile wallets

Truthfully, trading with your mobile phone is very risky because phones can easily be hacked or compromised electronically or physically.

Be careful with mobile wallets

Of course, having our crypto mobile wallets saved in our phones is convenient but we should be more concerned about the security risks that come with carrying out trades or keeping assets on our mobile devices.

5. Use a unique account and password

It is advisable that you create a unique account just for trading with an added security feature of a two-factor authentication password when opening an account with your chosen crypto wallet.

Use a unique account and password

Also, when creating your account(s), select a hard to guess and distinct username and password that has no personal information of yours in the event of hackers trying to break into your crypto wallet account.


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