So, before we look into the different tasty African rice dishes, I will like to share with you how I came about this topic.

Today as we were doing our normal business, finding ways to serve our customers better, a colleague asked, ” How many countries eat rice?” That was a very interesting question, so we decided to do our research.

Turns out the world’s highest consumers of rice are the Chinese. No surprise there because as you know, they hold the world’s largest population. It got us to thinking, how many African countries consume rice? That is when we came about this wonderful article.

Here are some of the different African rice dishes:

  1. Kushari (Egypt): This is a favorable Egyptian cuisine that promises to be a delight, from the pictures we saw, this might be a very yummy dish. The nationally appreciated dish consists of rice, pasta, and lentils. The kushari or koshari is a dignified Egyptian dish that derives its origins from the Hindi word khichri.
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2. Waakye (Ghana): This dish is said to have originated from the northern parts of Ghana. The rice and bean dish also known as Waakyeis being consumed today on a national level as it enjoys a popular status. It can be eaten as lunch and also as breakfast, and it can be filled to the taste of the person eating it with an almost unending list of accompaniments.

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3. Wali wa Kukaanga (Kenya): This is the Kenyan fried rice. the creme da la creme, is made by combining boiled rice with turmeric, onions, oil, and veggies such as carrots, peas, and corn. Then the combination is fried and the whole dish is served accompanied by chicken dishes. Kenya sure knows how to balance that diet, just see how beautiful the whole thing comes out.

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4. Riz Gras (Burkina Faso): This is also a national favorite in Burkina Faso. It consists of white rice, tomato paste, eggplants, carrots, onions, chili peppers, and garlic. All these are then boiled together in a thick stew and served with a few strands of onions on top, and a lot of meat. Riz gras is also known as fat rice.

5. Geelrys (South Africa): a dish from South Africa that literally transcribes to yellow rice. It keeps you guessing, why is it called yellow rice, and what are the ingredients needed to make this cuisine? well, this is made with a combination of basmati rice (usually used), oil, sugar, pepper, and turmeric which gives the dish its bright yellow look. It is then enriched in raisins for extra flavor with cinnamon to spice it up.

6. Cabidela (Angola): Cabidela is an Angolan delight gotten from Portuguese origins. It consists mainly of rice and poultry, particularly hen, or game meat. The rice is then prepared together with the animal’s blood. It can be served alongside red wine or vinegar to help moderate the tartness of the dish. You can see pictures here because I know you would want to see them.

Africa is home to many assorted dishes that are tantalizing enough to thrill your taste buds. I am glad that you now know the different tasty African rice dishes, and I am sure some will want to test it all, but if you are amongst the 10% that would love to stick to what they already know, I know a great place you can find the best caterers in Nigeria.

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