Entrepreneurship is a venture filled with so much drive, risk-taking, and passion and sometimes it engulfs our minds so much that we forget to take the necessary legal steps which in most cases, come back to haunt us and of course, ignorance is not an excuse before the law.
This article will be focusing on the important legal documents startups should have before entering into the “wild wild west” of the business world.

1. Trademark

Getting a trademark for your business protects it from others who may want to copy your company’s address or name and of course you can take legal actions against any company trying to use your brand’s name. Your business trademark could be the name, slogan, or logo.

Get a trademark

You can take legal actions against any company trying to use your brand’s name. Your business trademark could be the name, slogan, or logo.

2. Articles of Association/Incorporation

This important document clearly states and defines the company’s structure, rights, duties, and management.

Article of association

It is also a collection of the by-laws and rules & regulations that the company runs with.

3. Employee contracts and offer letters

It helps the employees to properly know and understand the values and expectations of the company from them as assets of great value.

Employee contract and offer letters

The employee contracts and offer letters should spell out the following;

(a) Terms and condition of employment (e.g., compensation, role responsibilities, working hours and grounds for termination)
(b) Reporting structure
(c) Mandated commitments
(d) Company policies (e.g., vacation days, paid time off the structure, dress code)

4. Shareholders Agreement

When your startup has grown to the stage of having investments coming in, a Shareholder’s Agreement has to be created.

Shareholders agreement

This document helps to tell the rights and liabilities of the shareholders.

5. Web Site Terms of Use Agreement

It contains how the site should be used, disclaimers, liability limitations, disclosure on the site’s privacy policy in dealing with customer information, copyright protection warnings, how disputes are handled.

Website terms of use agreement

Business Plan

A brilliant business plan contains the information needed for the effective operation and management of the company.

Have a brilliant business plan

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