1. Surprise Your customers

We all love pleasant surprises, especially on our special days or celebrations.

As a start-up that really needs to build a huge customer and still retain them, think of important and valuable offers and surprises you can offer your clients and customers which will definitely leave a stamp of happiness and joy in their hearts.

A surprised customer

Have a database where you store birthdays and other important information of customers and give them surprise packages or offers which won’t necessarily cost you a lot of money.

You can give customers beautifully written hand notes, it goes a long way to show because it shows how much the brand appreciates them and holds them in high esteem. This will naturally make the customers develop a personal bond with the brand.

2. Satisfy your customers

Give your customers high-quality satisfaction: ensure that you genuinely meet their needs and cater to each of their requests in line with the brand’s policies, rules, and regulations. Give them premium quality even when they don’t give feedback.

Satisfied customers

Don’t reduce your customer delivery level because you feel your brand’s services are unappreciated. One referral and recommendation from one customer is enough to give your brand a huge boost.

3.Build trust through relationships

A popular saying goes thus “    To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”
As a startup or an entrepreneur, your business should be built on trust.

Building ]customer trust through relationships

Your customer should be able to trust your brand to deliver on its promises.

When you earn your customer’s trust, you become able to build a good relationship that will translate in good sales, referrals, recommendations, and ultimately build your brand.

4. Use Customer Feedback Surveys

With customer surveys you can engage your customers actively; When your customers can directly and genuinely tell you how they view and see your products and services based on their experiences, it shows that your customers are bonding with you already. It can help you build strategies and content to retain your customers.

Get customer feedback

Be sensitive, patient, and open-minded enough to relate with their pains, anger, and disappointments, apologize genuinely and make immediate adjustments.

Their feedback can help you take the necessary steps to take the brand to the next level.

5. Keep In  Touch With Customers Regularly

Like the calendar is a programmed sequence of events, phone calls, special offers, handwritten notes, create a communication calendar to frequently reach out and communicate with customers.

It creates a feeling of expectancy and excitement in the heart of the customers especially when you reach out to them with engaging, interesting, and amazing content.

6. Learn from customer complaints

Always listen to customers who complain, don’t get angry. The set of customers who complain could be a  great asset to you. You can spot flaws in your products and services with the complaints from customers.

Learn from customer complaints

From the complaints of customers, you can tell their exact needs and what they expect from your products and services.


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