When did people start using makeup? when did it become fashionable? Or where to find makeup artists that do a good job? There are so many questions about this amazing craft that has definitely come to stay, but there are some mistakes you should avoid when you apply your makeup.

Every girl loves to look pretty, and they now have dozens of cosmetic products that can help enhance that already beautiful face. The problem now is, most girls are not taught how to apply their make-up, everybody just assumes it’s a girl thing, they should have it figured out. Sadly, not all know the techniques required to master the craft of makeup design.

This article contains the secrets so that you can know the mistakes you should avoid when you apply your make-up, I advise you to read, you will find this helpful, I assure you, and I did not MAKE that UP, get it?

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  1. Applying make-up on Dry skin: Applying make-up on the skin that is not properly moisturized can turn around to make your face look dull, rather than radiate it as you intended to. Every good thing should have a good foundation, and your face is no exemption. you can use face cleaners, face wipes, or wash your face before you make up, but don’t leave your face to be too wet, moist is the word.
  2. Too much concealer: concealers are amazing! don’t apply too much concealer to your face. You should rather tackle the spots that need corrections, which are mostly areas with defaults, blemishes, and dark spots. You are advised to use light concealers, especially concealers with lightweight that can offer a more natural and brighter glow.
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3. Wrong blending techniques: When you think about making yourselves up, you often think it’s easy, it’s just to dab a brush on your face while the dust from the overpriced cosmetics products fill the air while you bask in the ambiance of the fragrance and declare yourself the prettiest in the land. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. Even if you apply neutral shade, it will appear unneutral or out of place if you don’t blend it properly.

4. Lipstick color: It is in the make-up world, the color of lipstick you chose can destroy the entire makeup you spent time making. stick to colors that suit your skin tone. If you decide to use dark lipstick, make sure your make-up is light.

5. Watch your blush: when you apply blush wrong either too high or too low, you are risking aging yourself. A simple tip will be to smile and then apply color to the apples of your cheeks, then blend color back along your cheekbones. This technique creates a glow that doesn’t look clownish. For more advice check out this Allure article.

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