Freelance or Full-time. None of them is all good with no Cons. Both roles have their pros and cons.

That’s why some people choose one over the other and are successful at it. People work full-time, then freelance for extra cash. Meanwhile, neither freelancing nor a full-time job is better than the other in any way; because problems faced by a freelancer are merits a full-time employer enjoys, and vice-versa.

While there are freelancers that can’t trade their freedom for a full-time role, so are full-time employees that can’t switch totally to freelance, for the sake of job security.

However, not everyone is the same.

But before jumping on to decide, you should weigh the pros and cons of freelancing and working full-time. This post will help you make better choices between a freelance and employee role.

Who is a freelance worker?

A freelancer
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A freelancer is a person who works on his or her terms and isn’t committed to an employer. Freelance workers are their own bosses, and they work on their schedule, and contracts between freelancers and clients are often short-term and are measured on a project or hourly basis.

Freelancing allows you to take jobs from multiple clients and goes unquestioned so long he delivers when due. Freelancers are privileged to select the type of task or project they want to work on.

Advantages of Freelancing

  • Freedom: As a freelance worker, you decide when to work, how you work, the type of projects to accept, and get paid at desired rates.
  • You’re your own boss: The freelancing lifestyle liberates you from being answerable to an employer and puts you in charge of your schedule.
  • Opportunity to earn more: As a freelancer, there’s always an opportunity to make more money when there’s increased demand for your services.

Disadvantages of freelancing

  • Inconsistent income. When clients don’t need your services, you won’t get paid.
  • There’s no employee benefit as it would if you were working full-time.
  • It’s a lonely role. Freelancing is just you, unlike a full-time role where you meet and make friends with co-workers in the office.
  • Job security is not assured. If clients don’t contact you, you don’t make money.
  • Direct responsibility. You take direct blames for failed tasks, and this can make you lose clients to other freelancers.

Full-time employee

An employee

 A full-time employee works for a defined number of hours and is guided by organizational rules and regulations.

Averagely, full-time workers work 35-40 hours per week.

They enjoy employer-provided benefits. Employees execute all tasks within their job description and are answerable to their employer.

Advantages of a Full-time Role

  • Consistent monthly income
  • You’ll enjoy employment benefits such as; Health insurance, paid vacations, etc.
  • Better social life compared to freelancing: You’ll be privileged to meet new people and make friends with colleagues. Some organizations go as far as hosting annual social events for their employees.
  • Opportunity to grow in career: Employees are promoted either in position or salary.
  • Job security: With everything being normal an employee’s job is intact, so long he or she doesn’t default employer’s rules or code of conduct.

Disadvantages of being an employee

  • With a fixed hour of work, you’ll have less freedom and flexibility.
  • You depend on your monthly income.
  • Carrying out repetitive tasks can hinder you from discovering your full potential.

Now, Should I Freelance or Work Full-time?

The ball is in your court. Nothing justifies that freelancing is better than a full-time role or vice versa. But your choice should be based on your personal needs and career goals. And as well, doing something you’ll be comfortable with.

It is not a bad idea to toggle between both of them to know what truly works for you.

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