We know how tiring the 9 -to-5 grind can be especially when the pay doesn’t take care of your needs, let alone your wants and you just find yourself sitting at your desk feeling frustrated ,wishing you had an alternative source of income. You’re not alone!

Research has shown that majority of people are unhappy in their jobs, and secretly crave that they get the chance to showcase their raging innate entrepreneurial abilities but they still can’t due to a number of factors.

I’ll be highlighting three key areas that can help you move your brand from a seed to blossoming tree.

Choose Your Passion: As I will always say, the journey to entrepreneurship is not an easy one but the burden is often light when you do something you’re passionate about so that the energy from the passion can sustain you when the chips are down. Simple!

Build Your Social Media Presence: The Covid 19 pandemic has made it almost imperative for companies to shift their attention to social media for brand building and “customer harvesting” and that is good news! You want to know why?  It is because the internet and the social media space is an open ground for all types of businesses to thrive using the right skills and techniques which surprisingly is not really capital intensive, thus making it almost easy for an entrepreneur to move from zero to hero. This involves building your social media profiles, website, and general online presence.

Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

This is a critical aspect that most budding entrepreneurs tend to ignore and can be the cog in the wheel of their business.

As an entrepreneur you should position yourself as an expert on a subject your target audience is interested in or reading, own a blog where you professionally and creatively discuss issues and problems that your growing brand provides solutions for.

Also comment in online communities and forums that your target is reading(especially sites like Quora, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, e.t.c)

 Over time, the knowledge you share will translate into customer patronage in the market ultimately giving your brand a real boost in revenue.

Don’t stop believing in your dreams, they may take time but will surely come through.

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I write everything apart from suicide notes. Creative content writing is my niche and you're welcome to my world. I am a graduate of Mass Communication, Les Cours Sonou University, Republic of Benin. The soft rock genre defines my music taste; I love nature and the peace it brings, that's why the beach has a home for me. I love stargazing too!


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