The workweek is usually serious and most times can be very draining and the sound of “today is Friday “ puts us in the weekend mood of relaxation and fun.

It’s no crime if companies allow employees on Fridays to play some cool office games for few minutes to ease off the stress of the previous days, foster good interpersonal relationships, and install a general atmosphere of freedom at work.

Advantages Of Friday Office Games

· Promotes motivation and teamwork.

· Helps employees build friendships which helps in good communication.

·It fosters creativity.

Let’s take a look at some of these office games:

Story Telling

Two teams are needed in this game to use their creativity.

Story telling

 Write different words on a sheet of paper, fold them, and place them in a bowl. Each team picks a piece at a time, unfolds the piece, and tells a story with the words on the piece of paper for five minutes. The best story wins.

Treasure Hunt

The employees are shared into two teams with each team given a sheet of paper with a list of objects in the office they have to find for about five minutes, thus, the team that has found the most objects on their list wins.

Treasure hunt

Who is the Baby?

This game is a very interesting game that helps co-workers to know more about each other. The participants are to bring a childhood picture of them. Someone else attaches the pictures randomly to a whiteboard. Under each are a few blank cards and

Who is the baby?

the employees write down the name of who they think the picture is. You just imagined an atmosphere of laughter, admiration, excitement, and more laughter right? Yes!


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