It is hard not to see that the pandemic has changed the world so much in so many ways. There has been a drastic change in our lifestyle; the way we live, the places we go, the people we see and even the way we work.

Right now, we know you can’t come in contact with a lot of people and this is also affecting the tasks/projects you need to be completed. The good news is that those tasks/projects don’t have to be pending anymore as there is a wide range of tasks you can get completed all from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to have a physical meeting. We have got pros readily available to virtually help you get that done. 

What tasks can I get done virtually?

These are tasks/projects that can be done remotely and can be performed over the phone, email messaging, video call or live chat.  With getting your tasks/projects virtually done, you can leverage the Pros’ help — safely and easily. Some jobs like graphics designing and content writing are mostly virtually done but many jobs that are traditionally carried out in-person can also be done virtually. For example, consultation job, this can be done over a video call, live chat or a phone call still. The consultant and you don’t have to be physically in contact to get the job done. You can get a pro to help advise you on how to do certain fixes around your house like; unclogging your pipes, changing a bulb, etc.

Examples of virtual tasks/projects you can hire are;

  • Creatives; Graphics artists, writers, social media managers, etc.
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Market researchers
  • Data Entry
  • Computer Help
  • Handy job consultations related
  • Business consultants

How do I request a virtual task?

  • Download the Ubuyng App on play store or visit
  • Sign up or log in
  • Post task/project and description.
  • View your bids and choose a suitable pro



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