To get your Ubuy profile verified takes less than 5 minutes. Every day, we get tons of messages about our verification process but as we always reply, the process is for the safety of all ubuy users and the smooth running of our platform so serve our users only the best service.

Getting verified is actually very simple and in this post, we will be walking you through our verification process and why each step is important.

STEP 1: Sign Up/Registration
first of all, you must log on to our website at then click on ‘Login/Register’ which is at the top right of the homepage. You can either sign up as a pro or customer. A Pro’s profile grants you the ability to display your skills/handiwork/business and bid for tasks/projects. On the other hand, with a customer’s profile, you can post tasks/projects and get them done by professionals.
If you are registered already but your project is yet to be verified, then you are to use the login button not the signup. Then you enter your registered email and password. If you have forgotten your login password, click on ‘Forget Password?’ and your login details will be sent to your mail.
You can also sign up using your Facebook account details or Google account details.

STEP 2: Verify Email Address
Now, you have to verify your email address. After signing up, you have probably been sent an email saying you should verify your email. Check your inbox for the message and if it is not there, check your spam message. Click on ‘Verify my Email’, you will be confirmed and redirected back to the website to continue the verification process.

STEP 3: Confirm your Contact Details
Ensure all your details are imputed correctly so customers and the ubuy admin can reach you hitch-free.

STEP 4: Tell us about Business
This step is very important and crucial to your profile. This is your business profile. Here, you get to sell yourself to potential clients and increase your client list so be sure to focus on the key features of your brand and tell customers what makes you different.

STEP 5: What are your Key Strength
Tell us about your outstanding skills so customers can easily identify and relate with you and also get an insight into all the uniqueness you have to offer.

STEP 6: Your Location
Be sure to be precise about your location as this will enable us to send tasks/projects in need of your service(s) within your vicinity.

STEP 7: Upload your Image and Credentials
Don’t be in a haste now, you are almost done Having a trustworthy profile ranks you higher. Uploading a profile image gives assurance to your clients that you can be trusted and they are not negotiating with a bot. Make sure any image you are uploading to the site is not more than 2 MB if not, it will take a long time to upload or probably not upload. After uploading your profile picture, you have to upload a picture of your valid identification card. You can choose to upload your National ID or Driver’s License or Voter’s Card or even your international passport. Just be sure that whatever ID you are uploading is valid and recognized by the Nigerian government. The importance of uploading a valid ID is for safety reasons both for our customers and pros so no party gets taken advantage of.

STEP 8: Verification Image
This is the final step to your verification process. After this, you’d be granted full access to all the ubuy services. When you click on ‘Verify’, a code would be displayed on your screen, write it down on a plain paper, take a selfie while holding up the plain paper that has the code, make sure your face and the code is visible then upload it. In less than 2 minutes, you’d be verified by ubuy admin and you can start earning with us.

P.S: if you get stuck anywhere, you can always contact our customer support for help by using the chat icon on the bottom right of your device screen. So get your profile verified now.


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