When it comes to hiring an editor, there are many things you should consider; Hiring an editor with 3 easy tips will tell you what you need to look out for when hiring an editor.

For every piece of writing, there are rules, yet the rules of writing are often intentionally broken. It is not your fault.

You want to find someone who knows the rules, who can fix your writing, and who’s flexible enough to know your writing voice is sacred. Editing out colloquialisms, slang, and humor is a no-no (unless it’s overdone).

Are you considering hiring an editor? Here are the 3 easy tips you need.

You should use them to know the professional that will best suit your need.

Hiring an editor with 3 easy tips:

Be flexible, but also, know what you want.

You might consider hiring someone only to proofread, but before you carry on, let the editor know that you’re open to hearing his/her views should in case, your work needs a heavier edit.

Your flexibility will make the job easier on both of you, as both your editor and you, will know what to expect from each other.

The editor has to present you with evidence in the form of sample pages that will showcase what’s needed. Your only job is to make sure that you agree.

If you ever feel like an editor’s edits are not polishing your work and making it shine enough, If you feel dread or angry, or even if you feel misunderstood, it’s likely not a good fit.

You should share your reactions with the editor so they can proceed to respond or change course if necessary.

Change your expectations around pricing.

Sometimes, editors’ fees are so different that authors find it hard to know how much to pay.

This can be a problem, especially when you are on a budget.There are ways you can solve this issue.

Depending on your deadline and charge from the editor, but most editors charge you by the size of your manuscript. Some by the hour.

What you should know is, the charge of the professional does not determine the quality you get. Some editors might charge you a fair price and still get your job done even more than a highly-priced editor.

You can get a few bids from different professionals, get them to do a work analysis of your manuscript before you get started, and hear their imput.

That way, you will be able to see them in action, and decide who is best to work with.

You should judge the work rather than the fee. You can pay for the time, but this strategy helps you know who is best to work with you.

Be open to having your work assigned.

You should know that the best copyeditors and proofreaders you can get are freelancers.

However, you can hardly find them because they’re working for publishing houses, which is more expenses for you.

You can find a service (or individual) you trust with access to a stable of editors, but when you do, you should be open to being assigned to one of them.

You should ask about qualifications, and what other books they’ve edited, but you should let the trial edit be the deciding factor.

rather than any connection you hoped to have between yourself and your editor.


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