Have you ever wanted a good haircut, or wondered how to avoid constant hair trouble any time of the day, or why everyone in Abuja wears a backpack?

I stopped wondering weeks ago, when I discovered that I also carry a backpack anytime I hit the road to get a cab to work, but what I haven’t stopped wondering about, is why guys find it difficult to change their barbers.

It is rumored that a man is most faithful to his barber, ( I mean, common! there are loads of things guys are faithful to our spouse, dogs, not to even forget our creator, God, but you can’t stop people from talking, right? )

Week after week, you see men trope into their various barbershops, some even go with family. The barber is a low-key family member if you know what I mean. However, where the problem lies, is when the guy/man ( They seem to me as the same by the way), has to move to another location.

It could be job-related, or even family relocation to a new state where he/she knows nobody. He has to now put his hair in the hands/clipper of a stranger.

The thought alone is scary because I have had my share of bad experiences too.

The loyalty to barbers is birthed for many reasons, but the most frequent two are Trust and satisfaction.

Trust: of course! When you have had your hair, looks, confidence, and self-esteem shattered by a bad haircut, you tend to be insecure. You are lucky to meet the right one, ( Barber ), not wife, that gives you a perfect haircut, without even asking your preference, like he already knows you, this is where the trust begins.

I am certain if guys could ask barbers, “can I trust you?” Most of them would.

Satisfaction: When a first-time haircut becomes a hit, why then would you try another? satisfaction is key to the profit-making of any business, and barbing is not left out because we always want to avoid constant hair trouble at any time of the day.


So, if by chance, you just relocated, or you are looking for a professional barber you can trust for your hair, allow me to be remembered for this heroic act of showing you the right professionals for your hair. Click on any of the highlighted words and thank me later.


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