Today,  August 7, is the official professional speakers day and it comes up every year. It is a special day set aside to celebrate people who stand on a stage to speak to people and talk about any topic with the aim of educating and informing, sometimes with a spice of some humour.

You’re wondering if professional speaking can be a profitable side hustle or even a full-time job? Yes, it can! we have perfect examples of very successful professional speakers who get good money for public speaking and they don’t necessarily spend the whole day speaking, some do it for just 30mins and get paid real good.

As easy as it may seem, it is an art that has to be mastered and learnt over time and I will be outlining a few tips to help us in the pursuit of professional speaking as a side hustle or career.

Find Your Niche: Now that you have made the decision to become a professional speaker, you have to choose what area of human interest you will be focusing on. Naturally, you may decide to tilt to an area that you’re passionate about but is that really a good decision? It might be a good one but you’ll have to consider the fact that you’ll need to appeal to people thus you might need to delve into an area that appeals to more people.

If your chosen field is already saturated with more established professional speakers, then you’ll have to choose a unique part of that field that is very interesting, sometimes sensitive and controversial but all the same, will attract the interest of people and still make them choose you over people in that field.

find your niche

Broaden Your Horizons: Don’t be monotonous in your presentation, earning a good income from public speaking largely depends on your versatility and spontaneity to speak about several more topics while presenting and surprising the crowd with extra knowledge, statistics and ideas.

It is often said “The more speeches in your repertoire, the larger your pool of potential clients”

Broaden your horizon

Find your audience: You also need to find the people who are ready and willing to listen and pay you.

The truth is, people who are really interested in a topic are often eager to pay you to talk about as long as it is engaging and compelling.

Reach to your circle of friends and colleagues, tell them convincingly and ensure that you make them willing to hire you to speak at events. Also, think about other groups that might be interested in your subject, reach out to them. Familiarize yourself with them, have discussions with them, leave long-lasting impressions on their mind and exchange contacts.

Who is your audience?

Ask for jobs: It goes beyond spotting and familiarizing yourself with potential clients You must follow up on the potential clients with calls, emails or by meeting them directly. It is also vital that you look out for the decision-maker or head of each group then reach out to them, make a good impression, ask for gigs and the chances that you’ll be called upon is high.

Don’t be discouraged if you get turned down, most of the greatest public speakers suffered the same fate but they were able to play the consistency and perseverance cards and they became sought after.

Ask for jobs

Attend Conferences: Networking is another important step to take, endeavour to attend conferences filled with participants or speakers that you share the same interests or subject range with. Have chat with these people, exchange contacts and build a friendship that’ll translate into connections for you getting called on to speak.

Attend conferences

Invest in yourself: Spend time researching and gaining new knowledge aggressively. Do this consciously because your presentation is a direct reflection of the knowledge you have. Buy books, take trips, carry out self-development projects and reinvent yourself.

Invest in yourself


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