working with an artisan can be a drag. The whole back and forth can be overwhelming, and yes! Artisans can be very disappointing, but you are about to know how to get the best from artisans.

The problem, as I will have you see, oftentimes is not expertise, no, it’s bigger than that; It’s the attitude to work. Most artisans neglect the commitment needed to pay attention to necessary details, forgetting that it’s the little things that make the difference.

They lack the commitment to work because they are always chasing other projects, although they have not completed the ones they already have on the ground.

In Nigeria today, many craftspersons aren’t that enthusiastic about their jobs. They do not work for the passion. Rather, as a means of basic survival and this is an issue., and we all know that whenever you put money before craft, excuses are not far behind.

Because we need the service, we must try to get along somehow, so here it is; the guidelines you need on how to get the best from artisans.

How to get the best from artisans:

Make sure you get the right person: This can get tricky, you might be stuck in a ditch and then a referral pops up from nowhere saying this guy is the best in the business, then when you do try him, you get disappointed, it can happen.

The best way to handle this is to do a little research. I wonder why people don’t invite artisans over and then have a friendly chat to find out how long they have been in business or who their past clients are, but at least you could attempt to want to know the person a little more before giving him the project.

Read reviews, see pictures of past jobs, give hiring an artisan the professionalism you want to see in your work. like Ubuy, we provide you pictures and reviews from our artisan before you hire them, you could find great artisans there from anywhere in Nigeria.

Understand them: Here’s the thing, some artisans are not well educated, so there’s always a language barrier, except, of course, you speak his language, but if you don’t, the barrier exists, and it’s quite visible.

what do you do in a situation like that? Simple, you try to understand his basic human needs. You need a job done the same way he needs money to attend to his own problems, it’s business, I understand, but little gestures can go a long way to win him over and get the best from him.

Gestures like a snack while he works, or water even, trusting his professionalism and not shadowing him with what you think is your expert opinion on what he is doing, understanding the point he might be trying to make, and not think outrightly until you are sure, that he is trying to cheat you.

These gestures as insignificant as they might appear goes a long way to get the best from artisans.

Try to be precise with what you want them to do: Many customers have dwindling desires. they want this today, and tomorrow is another. Try as much as possible to be precise with what you want the artisan to do for you, and don’t intrude constantly with changes that may or may not be necessary.

Keep in touch: This is you trying to make an effort by checking up on them, it could be a routine, nothing serious, asking them about them and not what they can do for you. You will be surprised by the effect of this tip, you will visibly see the changes in his behaviour towards you as a customer, not to mention your projects.

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