At Ubuy Nigeria, the safety and health of our users are paramount and in light of the COVID-19 situation where staying at home and maintaining social distance is extremely important, we are here to help and are committed to safely connecting our customers and professionals for important and essential services.

How will this work?

There are a couple of tasks you can get done that will not warrant you coming in contact with the pro. This will also limit you having to come in contact with other people. These tasks can be completed comfortably without both parties getting to meet.

Examples of tasks you can get completed without contact include;

First is GROCERY SHOPPING. The fact that we are stuck indoor now just makes it easier for us to run out of groceries and other household supplies. It just feels like we are consuming food and groceries at almost times 2 now! Having to do your groceries shopping more frequently now exposes you to come in contact with so many other people wanting to do their grocery shopping like you. Now, with you hiring a grocery shopper, you can get the pro to visit all your favourite stores and pick your needs and get them delivered to you for a pretty fair amount as service charge.

Next is DELIVERY SERVICES. You can stay in the comfort of your home and do all your purchases online then hire a delivery service to go pick them all up for you, instead of having these various stores send their delivery person to you and you come in contact with so many people. You may also need to get stuff across to your loved ones and especially the elderly ones, you can easily hire a trusted delivery service on and get them delivered for you without you coming in contact with anyone or you risking their health by visiting.

How do I request a contactless task?

  • Download the Ubuyng App on play store or visit
  • Sign up or log in
  • Post task/project and description.
  • View your bids and choose a suitable pro



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