Teaching children in all grades isn’t easy and that is because different kids learn in different ways; some are better when they take part rather than just telling them while others do well with minimal supervision.

However, one thing is accurate for all learners; practice and repetition are important for retention.

So, if you are a tutor, keep the following tips in mind to ensure the educational success of the students you instruct:

  • Refresh your knowledge; as a tutor, it’s normal to need a refresher on some of the teaching topics. So, feel free to inquire about current lesson topics as well as upcoming topics, so you can assist your student in getting a head start.
How to keep a child engaged while learning.
  • Find ways to reward progress; we usually see key educational milestones such as report cards and graduations as occasions to celebrate. However, recognizing and celebrating everyday tasks such as completing a project or report can be a strong kind of external motivation for children.

Finding little opportunities for children to display their work gives them a sense of pride and helps them get more comfortable presenting in front of other people. For kids, the act of celebrating is both motivating and identity-forming.

  • Have a plan; it is advisable that you have a daily schedule or timetable like in school. It helps to keep children on track with their routines and activities and away from excessive screen time.
  • Reduce distractions; when a child is busy with school work, try as much as possible not to get them distracted with noise or too much movement. Or better still; get a specific workstation that is conducive for him or her.
  • Leave room for breaks; you don’t want your child to be frustrated with learning. You can slow down the pace when it seems like the child is stuck or stop the lesson completely to take up some lighter form of teaching when it seems like the child has gotten frustrated.
How to keep a child engaged while learning

With some creative thought and effort, children will gain knowledge and skills while also gaining confidence and a passion for learning.

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