Nobody likes the money talk. We just want to use our money anyhow we want and want it to never run dry. well, that’s hardly going to happen, so as a smart freelancer, here is an article on how to manage your finances as a freelancer.

Find fast and reliable Freelancers on
Find fast and reliable Freelancers on

The one thing that is almost static with the freelancing business, is the fact that freelancers get irregular income. some months might bring the sweet delight of high demand for your service, which in turn increase your earnings, and some months may have a lesser demand for your service, that’s just how it is, you hardly control these things.

In fact, money is so hard to control that you might get broken if you don’t learn how to manage your finances as a freelancer. that is what we plan to share in this article, I hope your money’s sake you are ready.

Have a Business/personal budget: A budget will help ensure you always have enough to live on and meet financial obligations, even in those must-come months of migre earnings. It’s of paramount importance not to use all of your best month’s income and hope to achieve that exact amount every month going forward. Doing so might be risky, and we don’t want that, do we?

Learn how to create a personal budget HERE.

Your time is literally your money: If you are a full-time freelancer, you should understand that you are totally responsible for yourself. This means there are no sick days, vacation days, or other forms of paid time off, your time is literally your money.

Knowing this, its up to you to make sure you are functional at all times, this include for you to have some money saved up for emergencies, unexpected injuries, even damage to your working equipment. split your income into parts, parts for you, for your business, and also for emergencies. This will go a long way to help you to protect the ability to earn a living doing what you love.

Find fast and reliable freelancers on
Find fast and reliable freelancers on

Track Everything: it’s easier to keep track of your business if you create separate accounts for business, and then your personal spending. track your spending, track how much you make each year, so you can divide your annual income by 12 to discover how much you earn monthly. This is how to manage your finances as a freelancer because you would know perfectly what to keep aside and what to use.

Take care of yourself: Freelancers live life working hard, every income they make goes right back into the business, rather than toward their own long-term savings goals. They hardly have some spending money for something special. That can get very depressing, we all have things we want, or bills we need to pay off, and responsibilities that take our money.

Thats why you need to stick to good financial planning, with a little planning, you can save for the future, and also afford treats for yourself. This is why you need to take your finance seriously.


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