Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the coming together of two great things, who have fallen in love so irrevocable, please, put your hands together, as curiosity weds taste in this holy matrimony of how to pick the best wedding cake.

That is every bride’s dream, and every caterer’s moment to make sure she shines and feels good on this special day. Although the couple will have a part to play in making sure this is perfect, that’s why they hire planners, right?

But, picking the wedding cake is different, you have to be there yourself because only you know the kind of cake that would be perfect for you, so here are quick tips on how to pick a wedding cake, and here is a caterer who can deliver it to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

How to pick a wedding cake.

Start Planning early:  Your venue choice can really influence the design details of your cake, you know, get that theme going for you and all.

Delicate buttercream icing won’t withstand the heat as well as sturdier fondant at an outdoor summer wedding, for example, even though I am not a cake person, that still sounds like a piece of favorable advice. so once you’ve secured your location, start posting for a baker.

Finding your baker: Word of mouth is the tried-and-true way to find a baker, but you can also be like the 1000 plus people that trust their task in the hand of our professionals. Couples have the opportunity to meet local bakers by simply posting a task on ubuyng.

Pricing: The cost of a cake is determined by the number of servings needed and the complexity of the design. Ingredients can dramatically spike the costs because the cakes are handcrafted, time-consuming — and thus expensive. But you should have a budget, and as such, we could find you a professional with your budget, it’s a win-win, so why do you have to lose?

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Be fearless with flavors: To some, getting married is the bravest thing they can ever imagine, so why should you be scared of a little flavor, its already the d-day?

Some bakers charge extra for so-called premium flavors and fillings, others do not. It is good to be a little adventurous, just try to make sure it’s edible to everybody, not just you and the Mrs.

Why go with vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet when there’s praline and hazelnut cake accented with chocolate mousse and a drizzle of caramel to consider? Your cake should be both beautiful and delicious, it’s your wedding and this is your cake.

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