Ubuy.ng is a huge open market with thousands of professionals, skilled individuals and people in search of professional services. So you as a skilled individual must know that a lot of qualified professionals like yourself is also vying for the same opportunity as you but then, there are ways you can beat the competition and stand out to potential customers on the platform.

Shhh! This is a secret; don’t let other pros know we are telling you this okay? Here we go;

First, you have to make sure your profile is in order. Ensure that your profile has all the necessary details required of you so potential customers can get an insight to who you are and are able to trust you with their business/project.

Make sure you upload pictures, documents or videos of your previous works on your profile. This helps potential customers trust your ability to deliver on any task awarded to you.

Next, always give a fair and reasonable price. Bids with fairer prices tend to get opened first as customers are constantly looking for ways to cut cost.

Your pitch should be precise, straight to the point and it should sell you from the first sentence. A bulky pitch gets the customer uninterested even before getting to how well you are suited for the job.

Always check back on your bids. If you leave your bids unattended to and a potential customer replies you without you getting back to the potential customer in due time, it is most likely the customer will move on to another pro and you will lose the task.

Now, that you know these and apply it to your next bid, you stand a better chance of you landing the next project or task you bid for.

Good luck!


Crazy things about Sagittarius ladies are - They are night crawlers, Rebels at heart, Top-of-the-lung singers, Good side kicks....I know, this should have nothing to do with my bio at this point but just because I love writing and I can write...lol. Amara Cajetan is the Lead, Digital Marketer at ubuy.ng and a Copywriter. She is also a lifestyle blogger.


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