Learning how to plan an event most times is not easy. asides having the necessary skills every event planner should have, you still need some experience.

since I know how long that process will take, I want to make it easier for you to learn how to plan an event with these easy steps.

Steps on how to plan an event:

  • Know your event goals: What do you plan to achieve with the event?

To answer this you need to have an understanding of what the event is about so you can create the desired venue to suit the occasion because believe it or not, people drag a certain kind of vibe from the venue of any event they attend.

Is it a fundraiser? or a traditional marriage? what if it is a cooperate get-together? How will you make the event successful? That job is dependent on the planning of the event and is up to you to create that magic.

How to plan an event, hire a ubuy.ng PRO
How to plan your events, hire a Ubuy.ng PRO
  • Organize your team: You should gather your team around.

This includes people in charge of managing the venue, who is handling the music, the master of ceremony, you could even have a list of your chairpersons and important sponsors, that is if the event is a sponsored event.

Assigning roles too can be very helpful to avoid embarrassing disappointments, it will help stay organized. Here is a template you can use.

Get affordable event planners at www.ubuy.ng
Get affordable event planners at www.ubuy.ng
  • Establish your budget: before you come up with your budget, you should be careful enough to include everything you are sure will incur a cost. So you will not look unserious when you go back to ask your client for more money after payment.
NB:Things that will cost money may include, cost of venue, cost for food and drinks (make sure you put into consideration of total number of guests), entertainment (DJ, M.C, cost of speakers, etc), decorations, staff payment, and if need be, marketing charges.
  • Set your date: Pick a date when the occasion will hold. I suggest you leave this to the owner of the event you are planning for, but most times, you can help with good suggestions.

If you follow these easy guidelines, I can assure you that, you will have a good career in event planning.

Although, you will need practice and experience, and if you feel that’s a long process, hire one of our most trusted PROS here, to make that event of yours a memory no one will forget in a hurry.


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