The internet has become the best marketing online promotions platform for your business. There is so much advertising you can do online that is very effective and you do not have to spend a dime.

As a startup, we all know how important it is to get your brand out there and you would most likely not have that wad of cash to spend yet. Thanks to the coming of the internet, small businesses now have the opportunity to get their brands noticed at zero cost.

Set up a Free Listing on Google

Registering your business with Google listings like; Google my business, Google place, etc makes it easier for people to find your business online. They help your business rank higher especially on Google search engines which increases the chances of your business popping up even during random related searches. Other search engine listings include; Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing, etc.

Use Local Listing Sites/Services

Using local listing services are more like search engines listings only this time it is more streamlined to give you a closer reach to your target audience as it is peculiar to your country or locality. A good local listing service to start from is With you can grow your clientele in no time by just signing up on the platform and setting up your business profile.

Create a Free Website

A website is important as it helps you establish credibility as a business. Clients tend to take you more seriously when they can actually get more information or buy products from your website and this way; your business appears more professional. Now, we know it can be pretty expensive creating a website especially a custom made one, well on the bright side, there are free platforms you create a free website for your business. Example is

Rely on the Power of Social Media

Social media isn’t just a tool to gain exposure—it has now become a necessary time investment for every business to make. You can tie in ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a direct channel with your customers on Twitter. Networking on LinkedIn—both at the personal and company level—can be another way to help your startup. Be sure to set up a business profile on all relevant social channels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the cornerstone of online marketing. From a technology standpoint, email has withstood the test of time as a communication channel. From a marketing standpoint, email converts at a higher rate than nearly any other channel.


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