Here is how to select a pro on ubuy without getting confused. Ubuy is one of Nigeria’s most-trusted source for connecting businesses and individuals with service professionals. With thousands of pros available on the platform to choose from and hundreds of thousands of reviews to read it may be difficult to begin your search. Let’s get to it; login page

Ubuy has multiple ways to connect customers with the right service professional for any project big or small. As a customer looking to hire a pro for any project you may: browse the categories, search for a category or subcategory. categories

Browsing the categories and subcategories is a great place to start for selecting a service professional for your specific project. There are a total of 14 categories so far and over 500+ subcategories listed. The categories contain broad subjects of Home, Wellness, Pets, Weddings, Lessons, Events, Crafts, Design and Web, Legal, Photography, Repair and technical support, content writing, Business and Personal projects that are further broken down into specific subcategories under each broad category.

If you are still in the planning stages and are not entirely sure of what your project includes, browse the categories. If you know exactly what your project includes, take a look through the subcategory menu and find your specific project/task. If you aren’t seeing your specific category or task, there is also a search bar to find categories and companies in your area.

Once you have selected your project within the preferred menu, you will be directed to a page with a list of top rated pros who offer that scope of work in your service area selected. This list is being sorted based different factors – pros that offer your required services within your desired location, customer rating, etc. We also recommend that customers take their time to review the profiles of the pros that have sent their bids and select pros with adequate positive reviews.

Once you have reviewed the available pro, if you are confident with your selection you may request a quote right away, from one or more pros. However, if you would like to read about and see more of the pros work, which we strongly encourage, go ahead and click into the selected company’s profile page and browse their most recent reviews and photo gallery.

When you have found the company that you would like to hire, you may contact the pro via phone call yourself or interact with them directly through the ubuy platform.

In order to interact with a service professional through our website you must create an account. You are able to create a new account using your email address, Facebook account or Google account. We highly recommend creating an account as it is useful to organize and keep track of quotes and conversations with multiple pros. Creating an account also allows you to write a review for companies that you have hired and earns you UReward points.

There you go, you can now select a pro on ubuy freely.

While picking one professional out of thousands may seem like a daunting task, ubuy is here to help you narrow your search through connecting you with top rated professionals in your area. Sign up and start looking for service professionals today!


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